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Q & A session


While I've been writing this blog, I've received quite a few questions from fans both on the message board and through the e-mail link here. Here are some of the best:

Q:What is your prediction for this season?
A: Always the optimistic (yet semi-realistic) fan, I am predicting an 8-8 season. I will happily celebrate our best season ever while continuing to build an even better one for next year!!

Q:How many crunches do you do a day?
A:I HATE crunches! They never seem to be very effective for me. If I force myself to do them, though, I can tolerate bicycle crunches (the ones where you move your legs in the air like you're riding a bike). I usually do three sets of 50 per day. I've actually found that the all-time best ab workout is a kick-boxing class. Nothing like an hour of twisting and kicking to get you that great six-pack!

Q:What position would you play in football?
A: Okay, this is going to sound funny because of my size, but I would definitely want to be a defensive end. When I get pumped up, I get a burst of energy that makes me feel like I can take down anything in my way! Grrr!!

Q: How do you get the red lipstick on game day to look good and not like a clown?
A:Not very easily, that's for sure! I struggle with getting that right shade of red before every game. After multiple unsuccessful purchases at Target, I finally found that the best tip is to use a darker shade of burgundy and then top it with a red gloss. That way you get the red color without the scary brightness.

Q:How do they decide which cheerleaders go to the Pro Bowl?
A: Thanks to Samantha for the answer to this one! (Sam was our Pro Bowl cheerleader last year!) "The squad itself votes, which makes it even more special because your peers choose you to represent them. It's not necessarily the best dancer, best leader, or most tenured. You have to think about the whole package. You have to think of the one person that if someone had no idea what the Texans are about, you would choose her to meet them and represent us. The best way I look at it personally is who is the one person that would make every person they meet want to come to Houston to see a game or come to Houston to be a Texans Cheerleader."

Emily e-mailed this next question in. Thanks, Emily!

Q:"I am interested in becoming a cheerleader for the Houston Texans and I was just wondering what I should be doing to get prepared?"
A: Definitely start early! Take as many dance classes as you can - ballet, jazz, hip hop, anything you can get into. My line dancing days back in Nebraksa (scary, I know!) have helped me when we do dances to country songs. (I can do a mean Electric Slide!!) Beyond that, keep working and keep trying! Very few girls make it the first year they try out. I learned so much just trying out last year that I was able to be much more confident this year. Good luck!

Thanks for the questions everyone, and keep them coming!

Something I thought would be fun to start including in my blog is a trivia question about one of the other girls on the squad. In order to find the answer, you have to search the cheerleader bios on the website. Have fun!

Trivia Question:Which one of the girls graduated from Stanford?


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