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Houston Texans

Questions and some answers...

With Comcast taking over Time Warner Cable in Houston the NFL Network is suddenly available in my house and I'm loving it. Of course I've seen it before but having it 24/7 reminds me of getting my first looks at MTV as a kid. The other night I saw the '03 season playoff game between Green Bay and Seattle. Ahman Green was catching short passes over the middle and making big plays. It reminded me of what a premiere back the Texans now have.

I also watched the NFL Europa Bowl. OK, I was not exactly on the edge of my seat but it was nice seeing live football in June. Plus, I found Tony Hollings. No he's not in the federal witness protection program. He's a running back for Hamburg. Pronounce that correctly, by the way. Say Hom-burg.

While we trudge through the long tundra-like break between mini camp and training camp let's ask some questions facing the Texans as they report and play their initial preseason tilts.

1) How will Schaub look early?

Let's face it. It's the most important position on the team and the biggest, boldest move of the off season. The coziness of OTAs and mini camp is over and soon it will be time to see what we have. If his work so far is any indication then he should be, at the very least, fine. It's the upside potential that we really want to see.

2) Will Mario Williams live up to the hype?

I written a lot about Mario's big plays in Texans wins (and in the close loss to the Giants). He needs to stay healthy and cause havoc more often. The initial pressure of being the top pick is gone. Plus, he knows his way around now. He will be better. How much better remains to be seen.

3) What about wide receiver after Andre Johnson's name on the depth chart?

Kevin Walter has a lot of pressure on him to produce. It's on him to prove Gary Kubiak right that he's a legitimate number two pass catcher. He appears to have the talent but Schaub will need him to step up big on Sundays. After that we have more questions than answers: Will Andre Davis be able to be a solid contributor? Is Jacoby Jones ready? Will Jerome Mathis stay healthy and stay on the roster. The saving grace over the uncertainty of the wide outs is the pass catching prowess of Ahman Green and TE Owen Daniels. They should both be a big help to Schaub.


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