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Quotes: DeAndre Hopkins conference call


WR DeAndre Hopkins

(on his initial reaction when the Texans called him) "You know it was like a moment, it was, I was honored to be called to be a part of the Houston Texans. It was a great moment."

(on if he had an idea that Houston is where he would end up) "Kind of.  I've been hearing the buzz, that Andre Johnson needed another wide receiver on the other side of him. When he said that, I was like, 'I'm that guy. I can help this team win a championship.' They have great management and I feel like that was the right move."

(on playing with Andre Johnson) "Oh man, it's going to be an honor.  It's going to be great learning from a veteran."

(on being the second receiver drafted from the Texans) "What does it mean to me? I've got big shoes to fill and I'm going to go out there and give them my all for us to win a championship."

(on his expectations coming into season) "I really don't have expectations, personally.  I want to win a championship. That's my expectation, to come in and help us win a championship."

(on if he feels he has a chance to earn a starting spot) "Yeah, without a doubt I feel like I do."

(on if he prides himself on being able to show up at big moments in the game) "Yeah it is. I'm a level-headed player. I don't really get too emotional to any game because I feel like that would take me out of it. So big moments, my teammates trust me, they come to me, and it's what I do being a football player."

(on why he was so consistent at Clemson) "Practice and heart; practicing like it's the game, making everything look the same. Going out and practicing and practicing hard."

(on the story of his nickname 'Nuke') "Yes, when I was young my mother said that's the only brand of pacifier I would suck on, so I guess it was kind of clever for her to call me Nuke."

(on his physical style of play) "That's natural to me, I feel like. I played defense in high school. When the ball is in the air I feel like it's mine. No matter who it is or the situation, I feel like I have to come down with the ball or at least knock it away. I'm always trying to get a hand on the ball, and I have a pretty good vertical. I'm able to get the ball at the high point."

(on if the Texans asked for his side of the hotel room story from the Combine) "No, they didn't because they knew I didn't have anything to do with it so I didn't hear a call from too many teams about it because it was cleared two months ago."

(on his basketball skills helping his football career) "It has a little bit of credit but it's a big difference when you're out there and you're getting hit and you have to work to catch the ball. But it's kind of similar when the ball's up in the air for a rebound. You always have to be on your toes to go up to the ball; same situation as football as a wide receiver. I'm always trying to get the ball at the highest point like a rebound."

(on who he feels his game compares most to) "I don't really feel like I compare to anybody. I feel like I'm a unique player. I feel like I'm my own. I feel like I have some different things to bring."

(on his thoughts on Andre Johnson) "He's a great wide receiver. He's a physical guy. He goes out there. I feel like we have the same mentality. When the ball is in the air, it's ours. He plays with a great mentality, a competitive side that everybody should play with. He's a guy that I've looked up to since he's been in the NFL."

(on what he knows about the Houston Texans) "I know they have a good team, all around, a pretty solid team—a championship-contending team. That's all I really know. Every year they're getting better, they're improving. So, I'm happy to walk into a situation where they're getting better."

(on what he knows about the city of Houston outside of football) "I do not know anything about the city of Houston, but it's going to be great flying in and getting to see everything for the first time."

(on who he's watching the draft with) "Family and friends, just the local people."

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