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Random thoughts from training camp

Random thoughts after the first few Texans practices

The player that draws the most oohs and ahhs is Mario Williams. This is his third camp and he's stealing the show. Two years ago, it was his size that made people's eyes pop out. Now it's his speed off the line. The Texans have officials in camp to patrol things like offsides and holding. They notice how much quicker Mario is off the ball. In individual drills, no one can block him. When they do, it's as if he's doing them a favor. He seems to be having a rub-off effect on his line mates. Between Mario's play and the Rosevelt Colvin acquisition, everyone pass rusher is inspired to improve.

The coach that getting a lot of attention is Alex Gibbs. In full pad individual pass rush drills on Sunday morning, Gibbs was barking wisdom at his offensive linemen and he has their undivided attention. Duane Brown had a rough time early, then shaped up nicely. Eric Winston had a bad moment then more than redeemed himself with some good stops. And all along the way, Gibbs is there to critique every block Between his on-field instruction and meetings, it would be shocking if the Texans did not have their best offensive line play ever this year.

Chris Brown looks too tall to be a running back, but he gets the job done. What impressed the coaches in looking at his work was that when you thought he would be brought down, he would long stride his way to a big play.

Darius Walker, who had the longest run from scrimmage last season (41 yards), looks like he's going to make the running back cut decision very difficult.

So far, it appears that Kevin Walter is on a mission to prove that 2007's breakout season was no fluke (he led team the team with 65 catches). He has made a lot of tough grabs. But Jacoby Jones will be heard from in his second season. Jones had that outstanding punt return in Week 3 against Indy and hurt his shoulder on the play. He was never really the same but showed a few flashes. He's healthy now and should be fun to watch this year.

The offense looks a bit choppy at times, but that's the way it should be this time of year. A good defense should always be farther along as camp gets going with the offense getting rhythm and timing as the days roll on.

Antwaun Molden clearly has enough ability to play well in this league and is going to make a serious push for major playing time once he figures it out.

Gary Kubiak seems to be giving the third string quarterback the afternoon session followed by the next morning then rotating. Shane Boyd has a gun and is working on his accuracy. Alex Brink has potential but will have to clearly outshine Boyd to win the third spot, if there is one.

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