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Rex Grossman Question & Answer

Sahrish Khan - Schiller Park, IL, US: I know you hear a lot about the crazy fans in Chicago who booed you, but have you gotten to see that many fans in Chicago actually did love having you here?

Rex Grossman: Hi fans. This will be my final question for today. Thanks for all of the support. See you in training camp.

Sahrish, everyone I ran into on the street was very positive to me. I had a great six years there. I won a lot more games than I lost. I had some of the best times of my life there. So I have great memories of being in Chicago and I wish they would have stuck with me a little longer. But it's nice to have a fresh start in Houston.

dominic pittman - savannah, GA, US: what did you take from the 06 season when yall went to the super bowl, im still a big rex grossman fan despite of what happened

Rex Grossman: It's a long season and you have to play at an extremely high level to win in this league. There is going to be some adversity along the way, but you can't let that get you down. We were able to do that and win 15 out of 19 games.

Keith Beckman - Vidor, TX, US: Rex, So glad Houston picked you up! I am a Bears fan and was at their game in Houston last year. I always felt you were wrongly blamed for the Bears over all poor play. I am wondering though, what approach you are taking to improve your mobility in the pocket, and your decision making ability when under pressure? Do you think the Texans offensive scheme will help you in those areas? I hope you get an opportunity to start, I would like to come and watch you play with the Texans! Sincerely, Keith Beckman

Rex Grossman: Fans, I have time to answer 2-3 more questions. Thanks for all of the questions and comments.

Keith, I definitely think that when everything breaks down and you're under pressure, avoiding the pressure and then getting the ball to your outlet receiver is definitely the key to moving the chains. In this offense, there is definitely somewhere to go with the ball most of the time when things break down.

Grant - Friendswood, TX, US: Rex, are your loaded Florida Gators going to make it back to back years of championship glory?

Rex Grossman: Without a doubt. I actually don't know Tim Tebow, but watching him on TV he's unbelievable.

Mark Oldenkamp - San Antonio, TX, US: After faultering in Chicago, How have you prepared yourself for the upcoming season? What have you been working on?

Rex Grossman: I've been working out with Steve DeBerg, the former NFL quarterback. He had me working on a lot of different things, like peripheral vision and footwork in the pocket. I used him before the draft and he lives down the street from me.

Jeff Asna - Sugar Land, TX, US: Rex, as a Florida Gator, do you enjoy having a Miami Hurricane (Andre Johnson) as your number 1 target?

Rex Grossman: Yeah, if he's that good I'll take a Hurricane. I played against Andre Johnson a couple times when I was at Florida and they beat us.

Quintin Faison - Spring, TX, US: Hello, Why do defensive backs run with their backs to the quarterback. Is this a new age thing? Historically, defensive back were agile and athletic enough to key an eye on the backfield, and an eye on the offensive threat. The would run sideways, sort-of. Now backs are completely turned, the end can fake a pass coming, and the defensive back is in disarray. Look at how any of the old Baltimore Colts, Okland Raiders, Greenbay Packers, defended. I think it is not a good practice. Most recently, Mr. Green, who played defensive back for the Washington Redskins, and retired, did not defend with his back the quarterback.

Rex Grossman: In man coverage, a defensive back is not looking at the quarterback. In zone coverage, a defensive back is trying to see both the quarterback and the receiver. So it really depends on the type of defense that is being played.

Texan Nation - Atascocita, TX, US: Hey Rex, have you had a chance to see our new linebacking corps in action? If so, what are you're thoughts on the rookie?

Rex Grossman: Brian Cushing is definitely impressive. I played against him in mini-camp. He has a lot of talent and speed. All of the other linebackers played well in mini-camp. Like I said before, all of the starters weren't out there, though.

Matthew Richter - Katy, TX, US: Rex, Welcome to Houston. What kind of advise..moral support do you think you can bring to the team (to Matt Schaub). Having been through some tough years in Chicago, and a Super Bowl. You seem like a quiet guy..I hope you can bring in some leader ship to this Franchise. Good luck in Houston. Born & Bread - Blue & Red Matthew Richter

Rex Grossman: Any way I can help, I'll be right there whether it's giving advice or just being a sounding board if anyone has any questions. If given the chance to play, I doubt there are many players more motivated than myself.

Bjoern Braun - Nordheim, GM: Dear Mr. Grossman, if you have not signed with the Texans, what have you done since then?

Rex Grossman: If I didn't sign with the Texans, I would have looked to join another NFL team. I didn't consider any other league.

Tim - Bellaire, TX, US: What do you see that makes you think this team will be a playoff team this year (I have a steak dinner bet that the Texans will go to the playoffs).

Rex Grossman: There is no weakness on the Texans. You have solid players at all positions and great players at important positions. The Texans always have been on the brink of breaking out to being one of the top teams in the league.

Walter Head - Houston, TX, US: Do you feel that the running game compliments the passing game or visa- versa?

Rex Grossman: I think you can have it either way, but in this league, the pass sets up the run. To get that eighth defender out of the box allows more holes to open up for the running game.

John Thompson - Spring, TX, US: Other then football what sports do you watch?

Rex Grossman: The NBA is my favorite league to watch other than the NFL. I am a big Lebron James fan.

Cathy - Arlington heights, IL, US: Rex, I am a longtime fan, all through your college years, and was happy when the Bears drafted you. I wish things went differently her in Chicago, but loved following your career and will continue to do so. I hope you enjoyed your time here, beside those stupid fans and also so of the media. My question is, what do you think will be your biggest challenge that you will face in training camp? I wish you the best with your career. Fan forever Cathy

Rex Grossman: I think my biggest challenge is being able to digest the playbook and make quick, relaxed, smart decisions with the limited amount of time I have to practice before training camp.

Roman - Chicago, IL, US: Hi Rex! Do you think Gary Kubiak's coaching will be a big help for your future? Maybe a change of scenery will help you in the long term. You have great skills and you made the offense exciting to watch in Chicago. Good luck!!!!

Rex Grossman: Thank you. I'm hoping to have a fresh start with a new coaching staff and new teammates. I want to try to ressurect my career and work as hard as I can to get back on top.

hyman lemons - houston, TX, US: do you think you be able take back spot from orlaski ? what do you think of the city ? do yu think you guys sre going to make aplayoff run

Rex Grossman: So far, I love the city of Houston. I've gone out to dinner and hung out quite a bit. It seems like a fun town. As far as football, you can tell there is an energy on this team. I've been on a few playoff teams, and I can tell there is some excitement in this locker room and high expectations for this year. As far as my situation, I am going to do the best I can. I don't make any depth chart decisions. I am going to compete and leave it up to them.

David - South Houston, TX, US: In this offseason what have you and your teammates done to stay focused on the game instead of getting caught up with all the Favre watch stuff and other drama happening in the league?

Rex Grossman: We pretty much stay busy with our own lives. We don't get caught up with the "Favre Watch" stuff, although it is pretty interesting and dramatic. It's pretty crazy that he's considering coming back.

Jason - west jordan, UT, US: Whats the farthest you ever threw the rock? i.e. yards.

Rex Grossman: I've thrown a football a little over 70 yards before. That happened in training camp last year or two years ago. I feel like I still can throw that far.

Xavier - Harlingen, TX, US: Hey Rex! Glad that your a Texan. How do you like the weather? I hope you get the oppurtunity to become a starter in Houston.

Rex Grossman: The weather is something I was used to in Gainesville. It might be a little hotter in Houston. I am going to have to get my body acclimated to the heat after being in Chicago for six years.

Pat - La Grange, TX, US: What made Houston a destination you wanted to end up at?

Rex Grossman: It was an opportunity for me to play for a team that has a lot of offensive talent and has great coaching with Kyle Shanahan and Coach Kubiak. This situation feels like a perfect fit for me and my strengths.

Texan Nation - Atascocita, TX, US: Rex, Have you gotten a feel for the playbook yet and what term would you describe being able to throw to the likes of Andre?

Rex Grossman: I would call throwing to Andre Johnson a luxury. There are not many, if any, receivers better than him in the league.

John Thompson - Spring, TX, US: Do you believe that moving the ProBowl to Super Bowl week will effect the talent that is willing to play?

Rex Grossman: Yeah, I think there will be a lot of alternates playing in the Pro Bowl this year.

david torres - Houston, TX, US: How different or similar are the offensive playbooks of the Texans and the Bears?????

Rex Grossman: There are a lot of similarities. I think both offenses were born out of the West Coast passing attack, but both coordinators have their own personalities added to it. So there are some similarities in the terminology and the pass route concepts.

Ed Marintsch - Houston, TX, US: What unique skills do you bring to the Texans that will be an essential part to their quest to the Super Bowl?

Rex Grossman: I've been in a lot of big games and a lot of big moments where you have to make the pass in the clutch and play well in overtime playoff games. So hopefully I can step up if called upon.

Texan Nation - Atascocita, TX, US: Hey Rex! Welcome to Houston! Rex, have you had the chance to go against the starters on D yet? If so, coming from Chicago where they always have a stout defense, what would be your take on our new defense. How ya likin' number 90? LOL

Rex Grossman: I showed up a couple of days before mini-camp and all of the starters did not participate in mini-camp. So it's tough to compare right now, but it looks like the Texans have a good defense. Thanks for the question.

Gary Chunn - New Caney, TX, US: When you decided to come to houston did you expect to compete for a starting spot or are you okay with being the number 2? Also do you intend on staying in houston for a while or do you think that this is a temp situation for you? good luck this year i know you can help this team!!!!

Rex Grossman: The Texans brought me in with the notion that Matt Schaub is definitely the starter. Everyone thinks that he's really close to being one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. They told me that they would throw me in the mix as far as the rest of the quarterbacks. I am going to try to make the best of 2009 here and see what happens. In some ways, I am trying to resurrect my career and do my best here.

Charles - Gaffney, SC, US: Hi Rex what keeps/kept you motivated and confident when you were let go by the Bears and then it taking so long to get signed on with a team? And do you think you will be able to become a NFL teams starter again later in your career? Thanks for your time, Charles

Rex Grossman: Charles, I never lost my confidence. I know what I can do. I was just waiting for the opportunity. Now I have a platform to play. My goal is to be a starter again in this league. I'm just taking it one day at a time.

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