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Rosenfels ranks among top No. 2s

Sage Rosenfels showed just how athletic he is when he made defenders miss and ran for an eight-yard touchdown against the Cowboys. The quarterback tied up the game with the score and once again proved he can be counted on in the clutch.

Last season, Rosenfels finished behind only New England quarterback Tom Brady in the AFC in fourth quarter passing, with a quarterback rating of 112.9. Rosenfels was 4-1 as a starter and threw for 1,684 yards and 15 touchdowns in 2007.

The eighth-year pro knows he could start for a lot of teams in the league. The Minnesota Vikings tried to get him by offering Houston a third-round pick in the draft. The Texans wouldn't bite on the deal because they want at least a second-rounder, and because they realize how valuable Rosenfels is to the franchise.

When Matt Schaub when down last year with a concussion and a separated shoulder, the team didn't miss a beat with Rosenfels under center. The transition was so seamless that many though Rosenfels should be named the starter.

But there's no quarterback controversy in Houston. Schaub threw too many 70-yard passes to Andre Johnson for that. Plus, the coaches like his accuracy and pocket presence.

Rosenfels still will get his fair share of time on the field, as the Texans have one of the best insurance policies in the NFL.

On Tuesday, **Sports** named the top backup quarterbacks in the league. Rosenfels ranked third on the list behind Washington's Todd Collins and Tampa Bay's Brian Griese.

I may be biased, but there is no way a system quarterback like Griese should outrank Rosenfels. In my opinion, Rosenfels makes a strong case for being the best No. 2 QB.

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