ROTB - Parking Information

Free parking will be available for all participants in the Blue Lot which is accessible through Gate 6 or Gate 8. The majority of traffic will come from the 610 South Loop to Kirby so please consider taking an alternate route to avoid that exit and save you some time.

  • 59 TO KIRBY TO FANNIN: As you're taking Kirby south, cut over to Fannin using Old Spanish Trail to access Gate 6 on the 610 west feeder road.
  • 610 TO FANNIN: If you're taking the 610 loop from the east, Fannin is the logical exit for Gate 6. If you're taking it from the west, bypass the Kirby exit and do a u-turn under the freeway onto the west feeder road to access Gate 6.
  • 610 TO MAIN TO WESTRIDGE: If you're taking the 610 loop from the west, exit Main (before you get to Kirby), head north on Main, then take a right on Westridge (the second stop light). Westridge will take you to Kirby, where you can take a right and then use Gate 8.