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Houston Texans

Rounding up the coverage

During the offseason, there might be one story a day on the Texans on the web outside of During camp, it's a whole different ballgame. Aside from our extensive camp coverage, which is archived on our **Training Camp Central** page, there have been numerous stories on the Texans each day coming,,, the AP and the likes.

So in an effort to help keep up with those stories, I'll be linking to the best Texans coverage from around the web each day during camp - starting now with the coverage from Thursday:

Receiver Andre' Davis hopes his spectacular catches and returns **can keep him on the field**, per the Houston Chronicle's Dale Robertson.

Gary Mihoces of the *USA Today ***writes about the playoff buzz** surrounding the Texans in this "Letters from Camp" feature.

A **recap of the Texans' night practice** from Jordan Godwin of the Chronicle.

Godwin reports on linebacker Zac Diles' **transition to strongside linebacker**.

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