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Same problems, different week

Let's hope this is rock bottom. I remember saying something similar last year after the Seattle game, but this is different. Last year I was stunned that the fourth year of Texans' history would yield such horrible results, and after a while I accepted that Dom Capers would probably lose his gig. But now I know it's the beginning of Gary Kubiak's tenure and he has to basically start from scratch.

I didn't feel that way in the offseason. I thought the additions this team made would enable it to pick up on 2004's 7-9 momentum. But now we can see that the issues on both sides of the ball run deep. There's bad news and there's more bad news. The first bit of bad news is that the defense is way too much of a confidence builder to opposing quarterbacks. Dead last is not what defensive coordinator Richard Smith had in mind. The next item of bad news is that the offense is sporadic and has not done its job holding serve with the opponent and keeping the 'D' off the field.

People ask me all the time about this team and if I'm frustrated doing the games. I love doing the games no matter what the record is. Seriously, it's so tough to get to this level. I'm grateful for every chance at the microphone. But of course I want this team to win. Being around the coaches and players and seeing how much work goes into every Sunday makes the losses hurt even more.

Two ways to look at this 0-3 start...

*Glass Half Full:

*This is the worst of it. The Texans' D will scheme better. The offense will continue to gel as Ron Dayne and the revamped O-line get up to speed. Carr will continue to grow. Andre Johnson is a killer weapon who could have a 1,500-yard season.

*Glass Half Empty:

*The Texans are who they are. The defense will struggle until wholesale changes are made. The offense will continue to be inconsistent. Wail 'til next year.

As many of you know, I'm more apt to take the Norman Vincent Peale approach and think positively. At some point, our time will come and I will be there at the 'mike.' I only hope it's sooner rather than later. There is a lot of season left and plenty of things can be done with the existing players to get these games within the Texans' grasp. **


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