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Schaub impressive so far

Deep into OTAs a few things are apparent...

Matt Schaub looks good. I've been to at least part of all the practices and it's clear why the Texans went for Schaub. He throws a nice deep ball and the offense appears to be working downfield more than we've seen in the past. I watched one of the practices with Giff Nielsen and he was impressed with Schaub's throwing and overall presence.

Ahman Green will make a big difference. Green caught 46 balls for Green Bay last year in addition to rushing for over 1,000 yards. Shawn Barber, who has played against Green many times, says that he looks like a third-year back. A renewed Green means a renewed ground attack and nice receiving option out of the backfield.

Wide receiver is a concern. It's not that Kevin Walter can't play because he looks fine. But the coaches are eager to see guys step up to capably fill four spots. Jerome Mathis was running fine until he pulled a hammy. Andre' Davis has had some nice moments. Jacoby Jones looks raw but talented. We'll need more time on him. Keenan McCardell anyone? Keenan is available, but if the team wants him they might wait until after OTAs. He doesn't need the practice and he'll just be taking reps away from the up-and-comers.

The defense will be better than the '02 unit. OK, that D had two Pro Bowlers and finished 16th in the league, but this bunch was top 10 in the last 10 games and won't stumble out of the gate like last year.


We mentioned McCardell as an elder statesman WR available for employment. Eric Moulds is reportedly flirting with the Titans now that Keyshawn Johnson retired. Johnson reportedly wanted $12 million over two years, which is cost prohibitive. He has caught at least 70 balls per year each of the last three years and probably has more games left than McCardell and Moulds. But TV beckons.


If Michael Vick is charged in the dog-fighting fiasco, it could result in a major suspension. It blows me away that a professional football player would need to seek thrills that way, if what is alleged is true. What, playing in front of 70,000 people every Sunday in America's most popular game isn't enough? How do you think the Falcons feel about the Schaub deal now?


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