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Schaub is the Monday Morning QB

A lot of members of the media didn't think quarterback Matt Schaub would look too good in freezing temperatures at Green Bay. Schaub had missed the last four games because of a torn MCL, and the only ice he was used to was the bag on his knee.

Well, Schaub got hot in the frozen tundra, completing 28 of 42 passes and throwing for 414 yards and two touchdowns. It was the most passing yards ever thrown by a Texans quarterback.

The Texans' 24-21 win over the Packers proved that they can beat playoff-worthy teams in hostile conditions (3 degrees with a minus three wind chill). The game also showed that Schaub can gut it out and find a way to win, even if his team has committed four turnovers.

That's why Sports Illustrated's Peter King named Schaub one of his offensive players of the week in his ***Monday Morning Quarterback***. The Texans may not be contending for the playoffs this season, but they can play for respect. After a wins on Monday Night Football and at Lambeau Field, that's what they are starting to get.

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