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Schaub's season so far

Matt Schaub is **atop the NFL in both passing yards and touchdowns**. One of his favorite targets is Owen Daniels, and **those two reflected** on Sunday's **win versus the 49ers**. Up next is a Buffalo Bills defense that's put some odd numbers on the scoreboard this season. In four of the last five games, they've allowed zero touchdown passes. In three of the last four games, they've allowed less than 100 yards passing. On the season, they've allowed 6 TD passes and an average of 193 passing yards a game. When they lost to the Saints in Week 3, they held Drew Brees to 172 passing yards and 0 TD. But yesterday, Jake Delhomme went for 309 passing yards. However, he threw three picks and didn't throw for a score. Crazy.

Great job as always yesterday by the Houston Texans Cheerleaders. Enjoy their work on Salute the Military Day both **here** and **here**.

Happy Birthday to Jon Heder, a.k.a. **"Napoleon Dynamite"**.

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