If you watch **today's Texans Daily**, you'll see Gary Kubiak talking about wanting to see quarterback Matt Schaub scramble in some instances where he has a lot of open field because of certain coverages.

Schaub tucked and ran on one particular occasion today during 7-on-7 drills. It looked like it would've been good for at least a 15-yard gain.

There's no contact during OTAs, but safety Bernard Pollard closed in on Schaub on the play and could've delivered a monster hit. He also was all smiles when he yelled, "You better chill out!" to Schaub, who was smiling right back.

Both guys, incidentally, have newborns at home. So does wide receiver Kevin Walter.

Pollard has been impressive during OTAs. It always sounds weird to say a guy is impressive during a time when everyone's wearing helmets and shorts and there's no contact allowed, but Pollard leads the way during defensive back drills. You can hear him growling from across the field, and when he hits the padded sled in individual drills, he routinely drives it all the way up and back.

2010 will be a fun year to keep an eye on Pollard.

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