Selfie challenge shows Texans fans are global

London was fun.

Yes, it was cool seeing Houston beat the Jaguars at Wembley Stadium.

But it was awesome to connect with so many Texans fans from around the world.

Team videographer Tyler Suddarth and I flew over Monday night, and we landed in London on Tuesday morning. We got there three days ahead of the team because we had to shoot portions of our television shows 'Texans Extra Points' and 'Texans Buzz', and also gather content for the website and social media.

Shortly after arrival, the Texans Twitter account challenged me to get 50 selfies with Texans fans before the game kicked off at 8:30 a.m. CT Sunday.

I quickly thought, 'Hmm, that won't be tough,' accepted the challenge, and got to work.

We visited a lot of places around town, and after emerging from the depths of the Churchill War Rooms, I saw big-time Texans fan Don. He was over from Houston, and had just got off the flight. We snapped the selfie, and I was off and running.

Later in the day, we popped into the Barrowboy and Banker pub, which was home to the Traveling Texans throughout the week. Boom. Selfie after selfie got snapped, and I ran into a lot of Houstonians who'd traveled over for the game, as well as some Texans fans from Scotland, London, Italy and Germany.

Everyone there was having a good time, living it up, and happy to be among friends. It was so much fun to see all that Texans paraphernalia: hats, jerseys, kilts, sombreros, masks, headdresses and even kimonos. Yes, kimonos.

When gameday rolled around, I stopped by the massive tailgate party adjacent to the stadium. Jerseys from every NFL team were there, but there were a ton of Texans fans having fun. I stopped to get selfies with new friends from Switzerland, London, Denmark, Houston, Baytown and beyond. Everyone I met was in a fantastic mood and excited for the day ahead.

It was a home game for the Jaguars, and they had a lot of fans in attendance. But I HEARD Texans fans throughout, whenever Jacksonville was on defense, and whenever the Texans made a great play on offense. In comparison, it was as quiet as a library several times when Houston was on offense, and the Jags needed a stop.

It was incredibly cool how loud it got after kickoffs. The Texans had six of them, and as the coverage units would finish their sprints down the field, they'd whip the crowd up and get them yelling in the corners of the end zone.

After the game, DeAndre Hopkins hopped the barrier and ran along the end zone high-fiving the Texans fans along the railing. He even paused and took a selfie with this Texans fan from Germany.

I'm glad Texans fans were rewarded with a runaway win that saw Deshaun Watson do Deshaun Watson things, and the defense dominate throughout the day.

In retrospect, getting 50 selfies with a Texans fan was child's play. I enjoyed meeting so many of you, and had fun re-connecting with a lot fans I see on a fairly regularly basis back home.

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