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Signs of promise at Kansas City

Chris Brown looked great. He carried the ball with a spring in his step and looked like the perfect compliment to Steve Slaton. Let's say it all together, "He just needs to stay healthy."

Connor Barwin getting a sack was a nice debut. Barwin looked like he belonged. And Tim Bulman looked like he wanted to set up residency in the Chiefs backfield. Between those two playing well and moving Antonio Smith inside, the Texans plan for an improved pass rush might bear fruit.

Dan Orlovsky made a nice debut. Okay, a few passes sailed but that's correctable. He made some big plays with long completions. Give him more time in this system and he'll get up to speed to be the insurance QB this team needs.

Things to look out for:Steve Slaton does not need to carry the ball much in August. We already know he's excellent. He bulked himself up and that's ok but only as long as it does not affect his speed. Remember when DeMeco bulked up last year and lost some speed (only to get lighter and quicker as the season progressed)? You would hate to see that happen with Slaton. Not that it will but we'll be watching.

Defensive line depth is getting tested early. With Travis Johnson out and Deljuan Robinson and Frank Okam dinged up it's going to be interesting to get through the next three games.

Finishing drives and staying on the field is key to this team's development. The Texans only converted two third downs. This is hardly 'sound-the-alarm' material, but if they are going to win big games on the road, they need to score and eat clock. The first-team offense had an impressive 94 yard drive so you can exhale for now. Against the Saints and Vikings, it will be important to start hogging the ball.

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