Smith on Chris Johnson: "I think he's going to be a Cleo"

Lost in the [trash talk coming out of Nashville]( ready to pay back Texans) yesterday was arguably the quote of the year as far as the Texans' locker room is concerned.

Defensive end Antonio Smith was asked about a prediction by Titans running back Chris Johnson that Tennessee would win its last 10 games and finish 10-6.

"That's the first I've ever heard of it," Smith said. "A lot of people make predictions. We've got to just see if he's going to be a Nostradamus or a Cleo."

"A Cleo?" asked Mark Berman of FOX 26. "You need to define that for me. Nostradamus, I know who that is."

Smith smiled.

"Cleo is an old fake psychic that used to be on the psychic network," he said. "Used to say she could tell your future, then they found out she was a fake. I think he's going to be a Cleo."

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