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So Close, Yet So Far

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Until the Texans stop making key mistakes they won't be the type of team we dream about. It's frustrating this week to think that they could have been tied for a playoff spot if they were able to execute properly against Cleveland. Are the Browns really that much better than the Texans? It looked like the Texans could compete just fine, but they kept making silly errors that stopped drives and put the brakes on what could have been a landmark win.

Don't blame this one on the coaches. The game plan was fine. They could run it and throw it. They just threw two to the wrong guys and fumbled another. And it's hard to criticize Kris Brown for missing a 46-yard field goal into the wind, but it didn't help.

That was the 'glass half empty' stuff. The optimist's view is that a win on Sunday against Tennessee could put the Texans right back in the hunt for a winning season. If they can get by a struggling Titan team they will highly benefit from having three of their last four games at home. The fact is they are in a tough stretch of four our of five games on the road. That's not easy for any team.

Mike Sherman deserves congratulations for getting the Aggie job. It's a fantastic opportunity. I always wonder about coaches continuing to work for their current employer while getting ready to take another job. It's tough to serve two masters. Sherman has to worry about hiring a staff, keeping and getting recruits and finding ways to keep Vince Young on the sideline this weekend. It can't be easy.

Mario Williams was drawing praise for weeks from Gary Kubiak while the stat sheet didn't seem to back him up. In the last two games, Mario has two sacks and two forced fumbles. Let's hope this is the start of a trend.

This just in: Fred Bennett is a player. Remember when he picked off Tony Romo in the preseason while playing with the number twos against the Dallas first team offense? He is starting to show that he can be a plus starter at CB in the NFL.

Does it make anyone else ill that Ron Dayne was running the ball well Sunday and the team didn't take advantage of it? Gary Kubiak said he regretted not running more, but he need not fall on the sword. If drives hadn't been killed by turnovers and penalties, you would have seen 5-10 more carries out of Dayne and probably another 100 yard day.

The last time the Texans were finished playing the Titans I felt like stopping over to Methodist Hospital for an EKG. The Texans have only beaten the former Oilers twice. That has to change this weekend.


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