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So far, so good in preseason

No matter what you thought about Saturday night against the Bears, you have to admit the Texans will be better this year. And, by the way, isn't it great that football is back!?

The throw that everyone is talking about wasn't even a completion. It was Matt Schaub's short heave to Kevin Walter to avoid a blitz. Schaub showed no panic and calmly delivered the ball for what could have been a first down. There was not nearly enough to make a full evaluation, but it was a decent start. Sage Rosenfels played a ton and looked sharp after a slow start. Bradlee Van Pelt is really up against it after a lackluster night.

Doesn't Jacoby Jones look the part? He returned that punt 22 yards and caught four balls and just looked like he could easily have a 10-catch game with big plays if you went to him enough.

It's too bad about Glenn Earl, but Von Hutchins had been pushing for playing time at FS and now he'll get his chance as C.C. Brown slides over to SS. Earl will be back with plenty of the season left to help this team.

The Bears' quarterbacks were way too successful as a whole against a pretty vanilla Texans' defense. We'll want to see more pressure from the starters, but you can understand if Richard Smith saves the real flavor for the regular season. I just want to see Mario Williams make a couple of ferocious plays to move his critics on to something else for a while. Zac Diles is clearly one of those 'nose for the ball' type of linebackers that appears to be in on every play.

I hated that the Texans let the game slip away. Sure, it's only preseason, but Gary Kubiak is trying to build a winning attitude and we've seen too many heartbreakers around here. Besides, you want to see your depth guys and bubble players do well and force you to make tough-cut decisions.

I talked with Bears' voice Jeff Joniak and we felt the same way: out of sync. It took us both about a half to get into the groove again, but we both agreed it was bliss to be back at the microphone. Jeff is one of the good guys in this business who has the proper 'attitude of gratitude' to be so lucky to broadcast games.

Rich Lord did a nice job for us as the new sideline reporter for the Texans Radio Network. Good luck to John Granato in his new venture and thanks for the memories of five years of broadcasts.

Bum Phillips with the Texans? Well, Bum's Smokehouse made its debut as the Blue Ribbon spokesman is now officially involved with the organization. Too bad Bum has to cheer for the Cowboys this year with son Wade coaching. But you know he wants his former ball boy, Gary Kubiak, to do well too.


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