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Sonya Excited about Journey

I can't believe that I am leaving tomorrow for Iraq!

This is so surreal!

I have been packing all week, running errands, getting my hair done and racking my brain for anything I might have forgotten to do.

Today I plan on wrapping things up by stopping by Glo Sun Spa to get some color then enjoying my last dinner in Houston at either Escalantes or Cyclone Anayas.

This week has been utterly crazy!

I had two practices this week with the Larisa and Marisa, Megan D., Ashley T. as well as the girls that are taking other military trips to Japan and Honduras. We went over all of our dance routines and signed some paperwork, but the best part was getting jackets and fun Texans Cheerleader clothes to take with us. It was so great seeing the other girls! We rarely see each other during the off-season so it was cool to catch up and hear the details on the other trips.

Daniel Gotera from KHOU Channel 11 stopped in and asked us some questions about our trip and got some great footage of us practicing. Later that night **the story was featured in the 10 o'clock news**!

I'm so excited about our trip and getting to meet our troops! We leave tomorrow for Washington DC then take an 11-and-half hour flight to Kuwait. I'll blog in DC as we have a VERY long layover!

Talk to you guys tomorrow!

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