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Spencer has a future in Houston

After practice today, Gary Kubiak shared some candid thoughts about rookie left tackle Charles Spencer.

It's likely no other player on the Texans, rookie or not, has a tougher assignment than Spencer this Sunday. He'll have to protect David Carr's blindside, which means dealing with Pro Bowl defensive ends Darren Howard and Jevon Kearse (depending on rotations).

Kubiak was in a lighthearted mood Thursday, and said without blinking an eye that he thinks Spencer could be protecting Carr for the next 10-12 years. That's how much Kubiak thinks of his third-round pick from Pittsburgh.

Describing Spencer as a "finisher" with a "mean streak" who has tremendous "power at the point of attack," Kubiak really believes that his left tackle will be a huge asset to the offense. He loves Spencer's nasty side, saying: "When he gets hot under his collar, he can find another level."

That's obvious to anyone that has seen Spencer this preseason. The guy just is a head hunter on pulls, screens and other outside runs where he gets in the open field.

What Kubiak mentioned today that really impressed me was that the Texans put Spencer--listed at 6-4, 352 pounds--on a strict weight-loss plan about a month ago. Apparently, Spencer met that weight, lost a huge amount of body fat and weighs somewhere around 327 pounds right now.

What that weight loss told Kubiak is how disciplined Spencer can be, and also that Spencer's weight is manageable. Kubiak wants to see Spencer stay consistent in that regard, but he loves how Spencer has developed thus far.

Let's see how he does against the Eagles. I'm guessing Howard and Kearse are in for a tougher battle than they think.**


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