Spiller to the Bills; an anti-Raiders pick for the Raiders

A top cornerback and top running back have gone off the board in the span of three picks. First it was Joe Haden to the Browns at No. 7. Then, it was Clemson running back C.J. Spiller to the Buffalo Bills at No. 9.

Spiller is one of the most explosive playmakers in the draft. He had 52 touchdowns in his college career, 21 of which came from 50 yards. He's also an outstanding receiver, and some Texans fans were hoping that Spiller would last until No. 20.

The Haden and Spiller picks were sandwiched around a suprisingly safe pick from the Raiders. Oakland drafted Alabama inside linebacker Rolando McClain, a polished player who was the leader of the Alabama defense. It's the complete opposite of what the Raiders did last year, when they shocked the football world by drafting Maryland wide receiver Darius Heyward-Bey in the top 10.

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