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Houston Texans

"SPQH" at the Go Texan Store

Texans running back Ryan Moats signed autographs for approximately 70 fans at the Go Texan Store at Reliant Stadium on Tuesday.

The fans braved pouring rain, high winds and 40-degree weather to meet with Moats from 6-7 p.m. With his wife Tamishia by his side, the running back signed Texans helmets, Texans photos and even photos and trading cards of himself from his days with the Philadelphia Eagles.

"It's always good to meet the fans and meet the people who follow you through your career, from team to team, from place to place," Moats said. "It's always nice to get on a personal level with them."

Moats signed each item with "Ryan Moats #21" and the letters "SPQH." That left several fans, and yours truly, to wonder at the letters' meaning.

"Since college, I always write that on there," Moats said. "It means speed, power, quickness and heart, and that's kind of my motto as a runner."

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