Star of Courage - 2018 Winner List


Name:** Sarah Wakefield, Police Officer – Houston Police Department

Officer Wakefield became a police officer to help as many people as possible, and protect those that may not be able to protect themselves. In August 2018 she was recognized for her dedication to that goal when she risked her life to save a man from a burning car after he was involved in a car accident. Houston is proud to have an officer with such a commitment to heroism and professionalism protecting its citizens.


Name:** Tommy Lummus, Senior Captain – Houston Fire Department Station 45

During Hurricane Harvey, Tommy Lummus, a Senior Captain for the Houston Fire Department, spent multiple days rescuing families with a DPS Dive Team he met while trying to get to his Fire Station. Unfortunately he was unable to make it to his assigned station but that didn't stop him from serving multiple days during Hurricane Harvey. Captain Lummus showcases bravery and courage day in and day out – whether it's rescuing families during Hurricane Harvey or fighting fires along his brothers and sisters in the Fire Department. He is a true leader and inspiration to all Houstonians by understanding that he could not succeed without those standing next to him.