State of the Union Address: Texans in shorts

Here is my offensive overview at the conclusion of OTAs...

Quarterback: Matt Schaub looks fantastic. Surgical, pin-point passes going exactly where he wants, coaching up his guys on the field and performing with a commanding presence. Schaub looks like what he is: one of the very best in the game. Depth-wise, Dan Orlovsky looks much better this year than he did at any time last year. We just need to see him do it in games. And John David Booty is a remarkable upgrade over Alex Brink. The question is whether Orlovsky Booty 2010 is better than Grossman Orlovsky 2009.

Running back: It was good to see Ben Tate recover from the hamstring problem in time to make a splash with the vets and show that he can pick up the mental part of pass protection to go along with his fine running skills. Steve Slaton is back, but the question will be how he responds to hits. Arian Foster would start if the team played today, and that's a good thing considering how he looked in the final two games last season.

Tight end: Ocean-deep if O.D. comes back strong. But even if he doesn't, there is a lot to be happy about here. Joel Dreessen can play and James Casey is no slouch. Plus, Garrett Graham looks like he's going to be hard to ignore.

Wide receiver: What's not to like? Let's skip the vets and address Trindon Holliday, who needs to learn the position. He'll have trouble making the team if he can't play wide receiver. Imagine if he's active and a couple of guys get nicked up? Do you want to see André Davis and/or Glenn Martinez or a 163-pound rookie who has trouble running routes? There's some work to do here, but he'll have plenty of opportunities to impress come August. Same with Dorin Dickerson, who occasionally drew some "wows" during OTAs but needs development.

Offensive line: Deeeeep. Mike Brisiel and Kasey Studdard must mend up for camp. They both play at a very high level. Chris Myers is improving and newly aquired Wade Smith might crowbar his way into the lineup at guard. Antoine Caldwell is better than he was last year, and Chris White has proven he can play. Duane Brown might make the Pro Bowl if Schaub has another stellar year. But the key to getting postseason accolades for any of the O-linemen, including Eric Winston, will be running the football, which they are bound to do better this season.

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