Steve Slaton Question & Answer

Trevor Thompson - Gaithersburg, MD, US: Hey. Do u think your weight gain affected your speed and quickness. And who do u think we will get for our first 3 picks. I just want some possible names

Steve Slaton (2:25:51PM): Thanks for joining me for the live chat.

For the three draft picks, I have no idea. That's up to the owner, G.M. and head coach to decide. They spend a lot of time evaluating prospects. As far as the weight gain, in my eyes I don't think it affected me. Something did, but it's something I'm going to work on.

jaxon - jenks,ok, OK, US: what was youre best game in pro or at west virginia.but besides the game against ou.

Steve Slaton (2:27:54PM): I would say my best game at West Virginia was the Sugar Bowl in 2005 against Georgia. I was the MVP and scored three touchdowns. In the pros, my two Tennessee games as a rookie were probably my best.

ethan - la porte, TX, US: do you think houston has agood chance of going to the super bowl next season, and will you be trying to break records as a running back this year, if so which one would be your goal record.?

Steve Slaton (2:29:09PM): I think we have all the talent to make the Super Bowl. It's just on us to compete every Sunday. For records, I would love to have the Texans' all-time rushing record.

Rick Kowalick - Sterling, VA, US: Did you attend the Super Bowl activities and game and did you meet any other NFL players while there? If so, which player did you enjoy meeting most? Rick K...from a blizzard outside Washington, DC

Steve Slaton (2:30:59PM): Yeah, I was in Miami from Wednesday until Super Bowl Sunday. I didn't stay for the game, though. I met a lot of guys I train with or that I met through college or All-American banquets. I talked to Jonathan Stewart from the Panthers, Patrick Willis from the 49ers, Darren McFadden from the Raiders and my old teammate Pat White who plays for the Dolphins now. Pat is my best friend, and that's who I enjoyed seeing the most.

Rebekah Talley - Cypress, TX, US: My 7 year old son loves football. He plays football year round. He can name every QB to every team and he knows almost everyone's number. He plays flag football right now and when he loses he is really upset and get just angry. How would you tell him or what would you say to make him realize it is all the team not just him?

Steve Slaton (2:32:42PM): Football is the biggest team sport there is. On every play, each player needs to execute. Losing only fuels the fire to win. As long as you're happy with your effort, that's all that should matter.

Doug - Clear Lake City, TX, US: Steve.... How did the surgery go? What is the outlook on your recovery? Will you be full speed by training camp?

Steve Slaton (2:33:56PM): The surgery went well. The best possible outcome from surgery happened. Now I am stronger than I was before the surgery. I will be full speed by training camp.

Cesar - Houston, TX, US: Your season came to an end with an injury, but with the problems that you had threw out the season. Do you think that you will have to prove yourself as a starter, againist the other RB?

Steve Slaton (2:35:25PM):

Even if I finished the season healthy, I still think I would need to prove myself every day just because I'm a competitor.

smilez - houston, TX, US: Do u feel ur going to be better than u were in ur rookie year next year?

Steve Slaton (2:36:50PM): That's the way I approach working out. I always want to get better. After last year, I think I have to put more focus into being the running back that I want to be.

Stephanie Stradley - Houston, TX, US: Do you know of any other NFL players who have had the same neck surgery you received?

Steve Slaton (2:37:47PM): I think Adrian Peterson from the Bears had the same surgery, but I'm not positive.

Beka - Houston, TX, US: Steve, Do you think your nerve injury was somehow linked to your fumbling problem? Also, how do you plan on fixing your fumbling problem? Have any coaches or players given you advice for fixing the problem? Thanks for answering my question #1 Texans fan no matter what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steve Slaton (2:40:42PM): As a man, I don't want to say that my injury caused the fumbling problem. But facts show that my right side has been weaker than my left side. With this surgery, I feel 100 percent. I know this problem will be solved. I've watched tape on Tiki Barber and the way he held the ball. It worked for him. So I know it will work for me.

Matt Peakes - Leawood, KS, US: Lady GaGa or Britney Spears?

Steve Slaton (2:41:04PM): Lady Gaga.

Jeff West - Dallas, TX, US: Who's got the better body: Duane Brown or Eric Winston?

Steve Slaton (2:41:49PM): That's not up to me to decide.

John Balderach - Winslow, AZ, US: After practicing against the Saints in August, did you think they were a team capable of winning a Super Bowl? And did you get in any fights with them?

Steve Slaton (2:42:53PM): Yeah, you can't write any team off before the season. I didn't get in any fights. I let my defense and linemen take care of that.

Beka - Houston, TX, US: Steve, What do you enjoy doing in your free time?? I know some of the other players enjoy golf or bowling. #1 Texans fan no matter what!!!!

Steve Slaton (2:43:22PM): I spend time with my kids.

Stephanie Stradley - Houston, TX, US: You had an amazing rookie season and didn't follow it up with the season you wanted to. Media and fans have all the reasons they give for things, but what are your thoughts?

Steve Slaton (2:45:30PM): I don't think it was any one thing in particular. I just feel like I have to start from square one. I am going to work out like I'm a rookie again. I know I'm still the same person, so I know I can bounce back from the down year.

Stephanie Stradley - Houston, TX, US: With the news that you had neck surgery, fans are obviously very concerned about how you are doing. What is the specific name of the procedure you had, and what did the doctor tell you about your return to playing and for contact? For those who are looking at surgical treatment for their own nerve issues, who was your doctor?

Steve Slaton (2:47:28PM): It was called cervical fusion. It's probably one of the most simple neck surgeries that you can have. I went to one of the top specialists in this field. He told me other players in the league have had the same surgery. So I just need to take time for it to fully heal. It's going to take about three months.

Evan Snyder - Saint Louis, MO, US: How many pairs of cleats do you go through in a season?

Steve Slaton (2:49:35PM): I don't know exactly, but I change them every two games. So that's eight for the regular season. My game cleats are different from my practice cleats, too.

micky - houston, TX, US: alicia keys or beonce??

Steve Slaton (2:50:23PM): Beyonce

Jeff O - katy, TX, US: Steve, Have you met the new offensive coordinator? Do you know anything about him?

Steve Slaton (2:51:48PM): Yes, I did get to meet Rick Dennison. I know he came from Denver and Coach Kubiak speaks very highly of him. I trust that whoever Coach Kubiak brings in has a good football mind.

Rick K. - Washington DC, DC, US: The Texans play at Washington and at Philadelphia this do you feel about playing up there, especially against the NFC East?

Steve Slaton (2:53:55PM): I feel like those are going to be good games. I'm most excited to play the Eagles because it's close to my hometown. Also, I'm excited to have my family wear Texans jerseys at the game in Philly. I have a bunch of friends who are Eagles fans who will probably wear my jersey because they're loyal.

Jon - Tomball, TX, US: How do you feel now that the Texans have given Gary K. a new contract, knowing he is the coach long term?

Steve Slaton (2:54:50PM): I'm excited about that. Coach Kubiak has played this game before and he's a true players coach.

Clayton - Lolita, TX, US: Who was your favorite football player when you were growing up?

Steve Slaton (2:55:30PM): Emmitt Smith was my favorite player.

Steve "Chuckles B" Young - Fort Smith, AR, US: During warmups I see you with headphones on. Do you listen to a certain playlist of songs, and if so, what are some of your favorites before a big game?

Steve Slaton (2:56:38PM): During warmups, I listen to Jay-Z just to prepare myself mentally. I usually hit shuffle on my iPod, but I start off with Jay-Z.

Jon - Tomball, TX, US: How do you feel about the depth on the OL now that alot of people got some much needed playing time and have you talked with Chester Pitt's, just wondering how his injury is doing? Thanks

Steve Slaton (2:57:55PM): I feel positive going into the season with our O-line. I've worked with both groups and I feel they're both capable of opening up big running lanes. As far as Chester Pitts, he's ready to go right now.

Immanuel - Missouri City, TX, US: When you see your potential fellow RB, Foster, and do you see any of yourself in him?

Steve Slaton (2:58:57PM): I see his hunger to succeed. He plays with a chip on his shoulder. He's not afraid to ask questions and take advice.

Cesar Gonzalez - Houston,, TX, US: Steve, the team went 9-7 for there first winning season, how did that make you feel? Plus what is your prediction for next season?

Steve Slaton (1:01:21PM): It made me feel proud to see our team taking the next step toward getting to the postseason. My prediction is if we can compete day in and day out, we'll reach our goal of the postseason.

Dylan Rhea - Marble Falls, TX, US: Steve, much love for you man! When I played hoops growing up we always listened to Jay-Z during layup drills too. Which is his better rap for warming up: "H to the Izzo" or "Numb/Encore" from his collaboration with Linkin Park?

Steve Slaton (1:02:32PM): I'd say "Numb/Encore" because it gets you ready to put on a show.

Danny Figueroa - Sugar land, TX, US: There are many fans who like you and look up to you as a hero, but they also want a hero Running Back who will help take the Texans to the playoffs, do you feel like you have what it takes, that fire inside to be that running back?

Steve Slaton (1:04:42PM): Yeah, I feel like I have what it takes. On every level of football, I've succeeded - from high school to college to the NFL. I love being the guy who touches the ball when the game is on the line.

Jeff Dent - Brenham, TX, US: Your season was cut short due to a lingering nerve issue that you recently had surgery to correct. 1- As a fan it has been tough to get a feel for the details of the injury. Could you explain breifly what the injury involved and how long you played with it? 2- Now that the surgery is complete have you regained sensation or do you have a time table on when things will get back to normal for you. 3- Is this injury affecting your daily life or is it mainly an on field issue when taking hits? Thanks for your time, Jeff

Steve Slaton (1:08:03PM): It was a pinched nerve. Anybody can get it. It's more likely to happen to an athlete, though. It's hard to give a timetable for when it started. You always have aches and pains as a player. But this got progressively worse. I had the best outcome possible after surgery. And no, it doesn't affect my regular life. Thanks for the questions.

Jason - Houston, TX, US: Hey Steve, when you look at other running backs in the league which ones do you think you have a similar running style as? Thanks

Steve Slaton (1:09:17PM):

I want to separate myself from other running backs. But I feel I most resemble Marshall Faulk.

Jon - Tomball, TX, US: Glad to hear your surgery went well. Have you meet the new strength and cond. coach yet? How do you think he will work out for the team?

Steve Slaton (1:11:16PM): No, I haven't met him. I just got back into town. But I feel anybody Coach Kubiak brings in is more than able to get the job done.

Jason Andrews - Livingston, TX, US: If u would have finished the season without an injury do u think the Texans would have make it to the playoffs?

Steve Slaton (1:12:01PM): It's tough to say. Not one person can guarantee the success of the entire team.

Joseph A. - Killeen, TX, US: Ok im a huge madden fan and this year they really cheated you in speed 93 and Andre Johnson was a 94 im pretty sure your faster than him, Do you play any madden?

Steve Slaton (1:13:45PM): I think it would be a good race between Andre and I. I think Jacoby is probably the fastest player on the team. I don't play Madden, though. I mostly play Nintendo Wii.

Jordan - Houston, TX, US: What types of drills will the Texans practice this off season to prevent turnovers?

Steve Slaton (1:14:54PM): We'll practice strip drills to prevent fumbles. And we'll practice against defenders swiping at the ball all during practice. That should help us limit turnovers.

Anthony - Houston, TX, US: Steve how would you feel if the Texans signed Ladainian Tomlinson?

Steve Slaton (1:18:53PM): If the possibility of signing LaDainian Tomlinson ever came, I would be excited. I would love to pick his brain about how he became successful. I feel if any running back came in, whether it be a free agent or rookie draft pick, that it wouldn't affect the way I play the game. I look at it as competition to improve my game.

Russell Brown - College Station, TX, US: Who's the funniest player on the Texans, and why?

Steve Slaton (1:20:04PM): I'd say Vonta Leach is the funniest because I spend the most time with him in meetings. If you asked players at other positions, they'd probably give you different answers.


Steve Slaton (1:21:20PM): I think Dunta plays a positive role on the team. He's one of our leaders. But the decision to have him back isn't mine.

ashley - houston, TX, US: Who was your favorite team to play? and who do you look forward to play next season?

Steve Slaton (1:23:36PM): I have to leave after this question, but thanks for joining me. As far as your question, my favorite team to play is probably the Titans. I think they're one of our biggest rivals. Next season, I'm looking forward to playing the Eagles because it's near my hometown.

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