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Still time to make a statement

Eric Moulds and the other veterans on the team are spreading the message about the opportunity that the Texans have with a half dozen games left. The Texans have a chance to make this a very special season. A 4-2 finish would tie the all-time best record in team history. I know that hardly qualifies as playoff contention, but I think gunning to break the record is a worthy goal considering the situation we're in.

Turnovers Kill

Check out the NFL's turnover stats and you'll find that only one team that's at 2 or better is under .500 (St. Louis, 4-6). Since the Tennessee game, the Texans have only coughed the ball up a total of three times, but they've been costly giveaways. What's worse is the team's difficulty in getting takeaways. The four picks in the Jacksonville game paved the way to victory. But even slim losses in the turnover battle (1-0 to Giants and 2-1 to Bills) have been significant.

The Jets are statistically no better than the Texans, but there they sit at 5-5. They play hard and make you work for everything, but their defense is rated below Houston's and their offense is nothing to write home about. This has all the makings of another close game that will come down to making plays in the 4th quarter.

Texans Cheerleader Lindsay was a guest on my Sports Radio 610 show Wednesday and got rave reviews from the fans. She knows her stuff and is very down to earth. I didn't know she was turned down in her high school drill team tryout and played on the marching band. She is a season ticket holder and was a prolific tailgater before making the squad. I would say she's the Rudy of the cheerleaders, but it wouldn't do her justice because she clearly is an all-star caliber member of the team. You can read her blog in this section.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to everyone! I am grateful we have this team. All the struggles we've been through are going to make the eventual leap to the playoffs that much sweeter.

Now, let's go get the Gotham Green.

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