T-N-T = Dynamite

The Texans-Titans rivalry had taken a back seat to the Texans-Jags rivalry in the last three years, but that's all changed now. Vince Young going to the Titans and the constant evaluation of David Carr has put it back on the front burner. And it's starting to boil over.

In this instant gratification sports world we live in, there is much knee-jerk trash talk going on among the fans. Certainly there is disappointment that the Texans aren't more successful in year five. That's fair when looking at the big picture. Smart fans know Gary Kubiak needs time to turn things around, but the fact that there was a coaching and GM change in the offseason means that "Plan A" did not work. Then there is the disappointment some feel that David Carr got the team's blessing and Vince Young was passed up.

There is a loud minority of fans that assumes Young will win multiple Super Bowls and will wind up in Canton and they are livid. It may happen, it may not. But to be utterly convinced it will happen and to condemn the Texans for all eternity may be a tad premature. Some of these fans seem to be more upset with the Texans' offseason moves than they were with Bud Adams removing the previous Houston NFL franchise from Texas.

Sunday's game is the biggest Texans' game at Reliant since opening day 2002. I've racked my brain to think of a bigger one and I can't. The first couple of Titans visits had a buzz, but nothing like this. Both teams have losing records and aren't going to the playoffs, but here we are in a week of hype and anticipation nearly unmatched in Texans history.

It's not for the reasons we would like. Some have called it judgement day for Carr. Some will use it as a protest ground. I don't know about you, but this gets my battle red blood flowing. This is a golden opportunity to win a huge game and show the world that the team is making progress.

Who knows what happens in the offseason. Who knows what will happen with Carr. But for this Sunday I think the team will play its guts out. The players will not take kindly to people cheering for someone else in their building. I expect a maximum effort. I also expect Young to play well. But this is a team game and the Texans must rise to the occasion. **


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