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Houston Texans

Texan to the heart


I've been watching the Texans on television since that first amazing 19-10 win over the Dallas Cowboys. I started attending games at Reliant regularly in 2004. Then in 2005, I became the proud owner of season tickets in the Bull Pen. This year, we've moved our seats closer to the field, and now I'm the proud owner of fourth-row season tickets and PSLs!! My friends have been happy to volunteer to keep my seat warm while I'm out on the field!

Being from Western Nebraska, our closest NFL team was the Denver Broncos. As a rebellious third grader, I remember rooting for the New York Giants to win the Super Bowl (sorry Mr. Kubiak!), just so all the Broncos fans would shut up. Now, the Broncos are very nostalgic for me.

When the Texans announced Gary Kubiak as coach, I couldn't have been happier. I am through-and-through a "Heartlander," proud to be from America's Heartland. (I even have a special-ordered No.3 Texans jersey in honor of Kris Brown, who helped lead the Nebraska Cornhuskers during our championship years in the 90s.)

Looking forward to this weekend's game against Denver, despite that special place I have in my heart for all things from home, I will be rooting for the Broncos to get run into the ground by my beloved Houston Texans!!

Let's go Texans!

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