Texans announce 2005 ticket prices

HOUSTON - The Houston Texans announced their ticket prices for the 2005 season today. The average ticket price will be approximately $57.75 per ticket.

Before the 2004 season, the New England Patriots had the NFL's most expensive average ticket cost at $75.33. Among the 32 NFL teams, the Texans' 2004 ticket price ranked 14th and the team expects to be in a similar position in 2005 given historical price changes within the league. The rank compares favorably to Houston's other major league teams, the Houston Rockets and the Houston Astros, who rank fourth and eighth in their respective leagues. The average ticket price for a Rockets game is $59.05 and $22.88 for an Astros game.

"Our pricing structure reflects our commitment to offer excellent entertainment value for our fans by remaining price competitive with the rest of the league and other Houston area sports teams on a relative basis" Texans Senior Vice President Jamey Rootes said. "Three straight years of sellouts indicates that there is strong demand for our tickets, but we know we must continue to offer attractive pricing, great entertainment and excellent service to maintain the loyalty of our fans that have supported us so well in our first few years."

Nineteen NFL teams increased their average ticket price last season. The Texans 2005 pricing structure reflects a 4.47% change or $3.30 per ticket versus 2004. The highest percentage of change for the 2004 season was made by the Atlanta Falcons (26.2%) and the Carolina Panthers (18.8%).

Ticket prices for more than 10 percent of seats in Reliant Stadium will not change this season, including the least expensive $30 tickets located in the Terrace. Parking prices will also stay the same for the 2005 season.

The updated ticket prices will be reflected in a letter attached to season ticket invoices that will go out next week. Season tickets for the Houston Texans are sold out, but fans may join the team's priority wait list to reserve their position to secure season tickets for 2005 and future seasons if or when they become available. The deadline for fans to be considered for 2005 season tickets is January 31, 2005. To join the Houston Texans priority-wait list call 866-GOTEXANS or visit www.HoustonTexans.com.

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