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Texans Announce First-Ever Collab With Mexico-Based Fashion Brand Sacrifice Street Wear

Sacrifice shirt

The Houston Texans announced a first-ever collaboration with a Mexico-based fashion brand, introducing a t-shirt created with Sacrifice Street Wear.

The t-shirt will be exclusively sold in Mexico through Sacrifice and Dicass Sports' stores. Make sure you purchase your own today while qualities last!

Featuring Sacrifice's skull-and-crossbones logo along with the iconic Texans steer, the t-shirt is only available in the United States by ordering online through the Sacrifice online store.

Texans introduce first-ever collab item with a Mexican fashion brand. Shirt features iconic Texans steer and Sacrifice skull-and-bones logo.

Sacrifice Street Wear said in a statement about the project, "As usually happens in collaborative projects, at first we were not very clear about the direction towards this final product. But in the Sacrifice team we had an idea of what they could be looking for, which made us have two important points to take into account: 1) The presence of identity motives of the Mexican culture as a necessity in collaboration, and 2) The intercultural crossroads that exists in the territory of Texas due to the strong presence of Mexicans and Mexicans in the territory."