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Texans big in Japan?...

The brand new **I'm A Texan Club**, the ultimate online home for Houston Texans fans worldwide to connect and interact, has been booming in the first week with well over 500 members signed up.

An interesting feature of the I'm A Texan Club is the ability to see a **map image of where Texans fans are** located around the world. So far, 15 international fans have joined the club. We here at couldn't help but notice "texamaniac", who hails from Tokyo, Japan.

"I'm a die hard Texan, living in Tokyo," the fan from 6,500 miles away says on **his profile page**. "The one and only unofficial fan blog in JP [Editor's note: apparently, that's short for Japan]. (that I know of)"

Texamaniac's Texans blog is in Japanese, and although he provides a translator plug-in, he says it produces a very poor translation.

"I myself can understand English, so please do not hesitate to contact me !" he says.

I'm trying to contact him to trace back to the roots of his dedication to our franchise. Does he have family or friends in Texas? Has he ever been to Houston? Does he ever even get to watch Texans games on TV? I'll let you know as soon as I find out anything of note.

Connect with texamaniac and other Texans fans around the world by **joining the I'm A Texan Club** today.

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