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Texans Cheerleaders: Rookies and Vets

A question that is frequently asked to us rookies is: How are the veteran cheerleaders treating the rookies? To me this question is hilarious! I can just imagine what some people must think. They must have this picture in their mind of rookie cheerleaders carrying the veterans' poms and boots into Reliant Stadium. The fact is that our team is just that, a team.

The veteran Houston Texans Cheerleaders are one of our biggest assets, in my opinion, as an incoming rookie. You try-out, make the team, and then what? A whirlwind of questions: Where is that appearance? Is that a ball-change or a step out? What uniform do I wear? Where is practice? Without our vets I truly believe that some of us rookies would be lost.

At one of our recent practices for the Texans vs. Titans game, I had the terrifying pleasure of dancing next to Samantha and Crystal. I mention terrifying as these are two team captains and two of our most colorful performers. The last thing I wanted was to be left in the dust, so I challenged myself to keep up with them (by the way, I have never been so sore). They answered my questions, helped me with the choreography and encouraged me to perform at my best.

As one my fellow rookies, Brittani, simply puts it, "We look up to the veterans and are really thankful to have them. They help us anticipate what to expect for upcoming performances and give us a sense of comfort."

  • Sonya
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