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Texans cruising into regular season

Does anyone ever remember a preseason game like that? Even the stadium opener against Miami in 2002 didn't have this intensity because we didn't see two teams getting after it the way the Texans and the Cowboys did.

There was such a buzz about the game going into the weekend. All the chirping between fans made it special. Then, the Texans came out firing in all phases of the game. The Jacoby Jones punt return for a score might go down as one of my top three moments at Reliant Stadium. And it was in the preseason!

Quick list of top three moments in Reliant:
2.Texans beat Colts
3.Carr beats Jags with no time left.

OK, so it's not in the top three but it's a lock for the top 10. Right before kickoff we looked at each other in the booth during a commercial and said that there's no way this resembles a preseason atmosphere.

I know what the detractors are thinking...that a good team shouldn't get carried away with this. Don't worry, these Texans won't. But the fans are allowed to enjoy this for the time being. Let's just savor the day for what it was: a special day of football in August.

We wanted to see Mario Williams do some damaging things and we did. Amobi Okoye showed flashes of what he might become. Dunta Robinson was terrific. And anyone who thought Ahman Green didn't have it anymore had that opinion changed quickly.

But the young star of the show was Jones with his punt return and the sensational catch in the corner of the end zone off Matt Schaub's crafty play on the run.

This team is far from perfect, but Saturday night was further proof that this is the best collective group of Texans we have ever seen. Let's keep most the starters on the sideline for Tampa Bay and pray that the medical staff has a real boring night. Bring on K.C.!


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