Texans Day of Caring

At the Houston Texans Day of Caring on Wednesday, you could sort of tell the homeowners from the renters. Some people just seemed a little more comfortable with the primer and paint, knew a little more about how to get leverage when hammering, knew from experience what we all know in theory—measure twice, cut once.

It's a great mix of people, when you've got those who know what they're doing and those whose effort and eagerness make up for their lack of experience. And with a project like this one, the thing you need most is a lot of eager helpers.

The Houston Texans partnered with Reliant Energy, NRG and Rebuilding Together Houston to transform the house of 75-year-old Frank McMiller, a widower whose house just a stone's throw from Reliant Stadium needed a little TLC. Volunteers from each organization devoted their time and able hands not only to scrape, paint and prime, but also to replace window screens, the garage door façade and the storm door.

It was an all-day affair for many folks, full of sun block and sports drinks, and at the end of the day Frank couldn't have been happier. His house, now a lovely hunter green, not only looked better but functioned better, too. He couldn't wait to invite his buddies over for a cook-out. Enjoy, Frank!

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