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Texans enhance game security

HOUSTON- Houston Texans fans are asked to arrive early to games, because of enhanced security measures at Reliant Stadium. For all Texans games, stadium personnel will conduct pat downs at all gates. Parking lots at Reliant Stadium will open four hours prior to kickoff and the gates will open two hours prior to kickoff.

Separate lines will be designated for men and women and staff will be on hand to address any concerns about the increased security measures. The Texans anticipate that the process will take guests a few extra moments to enter the stadium so fans should get to the game early. Guests can assist by entering the proper lines, discarding prohibited items prior to the stadium and having purses open and easily able to be checked when approaching the security staff.

Prohibited items include bags (larger than 11"x17"), backpacks, video cameras, camera cases, illegal substances, coolers, bottles, flag/banner poles, outside food and beverages, weapons, noisemakers (including cowbells), beach balls, footballs, laptop computers, and laser pens. Any prohibited items found during pat down searches will be confiscated or given to the guest to return to their car. Guests that refuse to undergo the additional security screening will be denied admittance to Reliant Stadium.

The NFL formed a committee in 2001 to address the security needs of all teams. "Best Practices for Stadium Security" was developed as a set of guidelines. These policies were put in place in response to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's efforts to enhance security measures at all public places throughout the country.


The San Diego Chargers returned approximately 200 tickets to the game on Sunday. The tickets became available at 10 a.m. today and will be on sale until the game is sold out. The tickets can be purchased through TicketMaster at 713-629-3700 or by visiting

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