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Texans looking much improved

It was like a cool breeze blowing through the desert. Matt Schaub, coming off a fine performance, crediting his offensive linemen, backs and tight ends for outstanding pass protection in a sack-free day. If this sounds like a Texans fantasy, think again. The reality is that the ball is coming out fast with Schaub at the helm. And his rapport with his teammates will only grow stronger as the offense continues to click.

Rick Smith and Gary Kubiak are looking very smart with the selection of Jacoby Jones in the third round. If you were worried about his hands, forget it. Six catches in two games is a great start. And the end-around runs are terrific. But it's the punt returns that are really turning heads. The 22-yarder against the Bears and the 80-yard TD return show that this guy is the real deal. By the way, if Schaub hands off directly to Jones, it's an end-around not a reverse. A reverse has to be handed off twice. Just a little play-by-play pet peeve.

Seeing Matt Leinart and Kurt Warner go a combined 14-for-16 wasn't fun. It's not like the defense is giving up buckets of points, but you would love to see more pressure from Mario and friends and a little less overall success through the air for the opponent. Let's hope Mario Williams has some pistons that haven't quite fired yet in the preseason. I'd love to see him get at least one sack before the opener to give us a bit more to look forward to.

If you hear people say that University of Phoenix Stadium is better than Reliant, they're wrong. The Red Zone section has all the comfort of Rice Stadium before the renovation. Where are the seats? They waste a ton of space in that end. Reliant's home field advantage when full is much better with the fans right on top of the action. The Cards do have that nice grass surface that rolls in from the parking lot, but that's about it. And don't get me started on the outside. It already looks outdated aesthetically. Plus, it seems way too far from the downtown area. Of course, I probably wouldn't sound that bitter if the Bidwells hadn't tucked the radio booth into the corner of the end zone. Thank you, Mr. McNair, for leaving the radio booths where they belong, between the 20s.

Another thing on Phoenix. Nice people and all but the "dry heat" thing is an urban myth. Hot is hot! It feels like autumn here compared to that blow torch.

Enough complaining. It's Cowboys week. The starters should play deep into the fourth quarter. Even though it's preseason, this should be a fun one. Bum Phillips will watch this one on TV back in Goliad. With son Wade coaching the enemy and his new Bum's Smokehouse stands all over Reliant, there could be a slight conflict of interest. Bum was at practice last week and thrilled the crowd and players.


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