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Texans President Jamey Rootes' book reaches No. 1 on multiple bestseller lists

Houston Texans President Jamey Rootes' first book, "The Winning Game Plan: A Proven Leadership Playbook for Continuous Business Success," has reached number two on the Wall Street Journal bestseller list. The book has become an international bestseller on over 10 lists in three different countries (United States, Australia, Canada) since its release on Nov. 10.

"I viewed this book project as a gift to the world and I am humbled that so many have chosen to accept it," remarked President of the Houston Texans Jamey Rootes. "I have been blessed to have so many amazing role models and influencers in my life that have helped me to create a leadership approach that is as unique as it is effective. This book is a tribute to them and an opportunity for their impact to grow exponentially."

Bestselling lists for the book include:

  • 1 in Project Management

  • 1 in Sports & Entertainment

  • 1 in Business Quality Control

  • 1 in Quality Control in Management

  • 1 in Non-profit Organization & Charities

  • 1 in Business Writing Skills

  • 1 in Total Quality Management

  • 1 in Sports & Entertainment Industry

  • 1 in Non-profit Marketing & Communications

  • 1 in Management Skills

In the book "The Winning Game Plan," Rootes outlines a world-class approach to leading any business to achieving and sustaining success. The principles outlined in the book are the same ones Rootes has implemented with the Texans for more than twenty years. All net proceeds from the book will be donated to the Houston Texans Foundation which supports programs in education, character development, and health and fitness to empower the next generations. 

Purchase "The Winning Game Plan" by clicking here and be sure to leave a review to be entered to win tickets to the Texans 2021 season opener in the President's Suite.

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