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#Texans Quotes: September 16



What do you think of Chiefs WR Jeremy Maclin?
"Very good player, really good route runner, good hands, smart player. Been around for a while. Like you said, he was in Philly with Coach (Andy) Reid and now he's in Kansas City. He's a good football player."

It seems like Chiefs T Eric Fisher has come a long way over the past year. Can you talk about him?
"He's a very good player. Any time you play left tackle in this league, you're a good player. I think you're right – he has improved every year. Obviously he's a much better player now than when he was first in the league, and that's why they probably extended him, because he's a very good left tackle."

How did DE J.J. Watt do this week in practice?
"He did fine. He had a good week of practice and he'll be ready to go."

How has RB Lamar Miller responded this week after the pretty heavy workload on Sunday?
"Good. He's had a good week. Good week of practice. He's looking forward to the game."

How do you think the offensive line came together both in run blocking and pass protection?
"I thought those guys had a decent game. I think there's a number of things to improve upon. I think those guys know that. But look, in this league – I've said this a million times – injuries are going to happen. If you've built the depth properly then the next guy steps up and is ready to play, then that's basically what we're in. If you look at Greg Mancz right now, the guy's playing pretty well. Now, that has to continue and it has to improve, but that's an example of a guy that is helping us."

The Chiefs have had a lot of injuries each time you've played them. Do you think their staff does a good job of utilizing their personnel on both sides of the ball?
"No question. Very good staff. Very good coaching staff. They give you a lot of problems. Last week against the Chargers, running backs were big in their offense, checkdowns, down-the-field routes. Running backs were big. Obviously, (Travis) Kelce, what they do with Kelce, (Jeremy) Maclin, like you guys just asked me about. They do a really good job. And then the thing that they do a really good job of is how they use Alex Smith. He has a unique skillset. He's a very good passer of the football but he also can run. He's a really, really exceptional athlete. They do a really good job of using him too. You're right, they do a great job."

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