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#Texans Quotes: September 19



Opening Statement
"It was a good win yesterday. Quickly turn the page here to the Patriots, so with that I'll open it up to questions."

Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick praised you and said he learned a lot from you. What do you think he learned?
"I don't know. You'd have to ask him."

How do you feel about Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick praising you?
"I have a ton of respect for him. He's a great friend. I got a lot of friends on that staff. Great coaching staff and really good, well coached football team. We're just trying to grind here and trying to do the best we can to put together a good game plan."

What are you seeing from WR Will Fuller V in regards to his ongoing progression?
"He's a smart kid. He works hard. This will be a big test for him here. Quick turnaround. We're not getting ready for Bowling Green here. He's got a couple days here to get his body back and get going. That's for all the rookies. This is a really big test as far as taking care of your business in the training room and all those different things."

Is there a chance that WR Braxton Miller will play on Thursday?
"I don't know that yet. It's too early to tell. Too early to tell."

What have you learned from the previous two Thursday Night Football games you have had?
"Totally different deal. Those were home games. This is across the country travel. It's a different deal here. Coming off a real physical game yesterday. It's just different. Nothing carries over from those two games."

How much do things change for the coaches and players when you have a Thursday night game?
"We sleep here instead of at home."

Do you really sleep here when you have a Thursday night game?
"Do I look like I'm kidding? Do I look fresh as a daisy right now?"

Did you learn anything new about the Patriots last year when you played against them?
"First of all, they're a totally different team than when I was there. Last time I was there was 2011. Very, very different team. Different players. There's very few players that are still there that were there when I was there. Obviously, (Rob) Gronkowski, (Matthew) Slater, (Devin) McCourty, but there's not a ton of players there, so it's a different team. Different skillsets. So just because myself and George (Godsey) coached there, that doesn't really give us much insight into what they're doing now. Now as far as last year's game, we're going to look at that, but they're very much of a game plan team. In some respects whatever we saw last year, we may see some of that but we've got to get ready for, in a couple days here, for basically making sure that we take care of our own business if that makes sense. Make sure that we know our game plan and that we go in there and we just make sure that we do a great job as coaches of seeing what their game plan is as quickly as we can."

What have you seen out of OLB Jadeveon Clowney since you have moved him around on the football field?
"I think he's playing really hard. There are a few clips on there where he is rushing the passer, the pass gets off and he's chasing the ball carrier down. I think the guy is playing with tremendous effort and I'll say that about all the guys on defense. When I turn the film on as a coach, you just kind of want the personality of your team to definitely be a team that plays very hard and I think that those guys on defense are playing hard."

Did you think DE J.J. Watt looked more like himself against the Chiefs?
"J.J. had a good football game. He played well yesterday."

QB Brock Osweiler had a good game against the Patriots last season. When the Texans were evaluating him, did anyone talk to the Patriots staff about him?
"We talked to a lot of people about him. I would say that personally, I did not talk to anybody at New England about him and I'm sure that Rick (Smith) didn't either. I just watch the tape and that was definitely, you know, part of the evaluation as were numerous other things like Arizona State, preseason games, our recollection of him when we were out there for training camp a couple years ago. There's a lot of different parts of the evaluation. That was definitely one of them though."

What have you seen from QB Jacoby Brissett as a rookie, what he did this game and what you learned about him during the draft process?
"He has really good poise, very smart guy. He's got good size; he's like 235 pounds. He's a good football player. When we evaluated him in the draft, we felt the same way then, too. He's a bright guy and he's coached very well there. He was coached well at N.C. State. I know one thing that stands out to me is Coach (Bill) Parcells has very good things, very complimentary of the kid, which to me says a lot. Obviously, Coach (Bill) Belichick trusts him with their offense and Josh McDaniels – they think highly of him. This guy is a good player. He went in there, it was a tough situation to go into that type of a game and played well."

When it comes to DE J.J. Watt and OLB Jadeveon Clowney together, are you starting to see what you and Defensive Coordinator Romeo Crennel envisioned on how they could lead this defense?
"I think when you turn the film on, all of those guys. I know what you are asking with (J.J.) Watt and (Jadeveon) Clowney, and I understand that. It's also (Whitney) Mercilus and John Simon. John Simon, he played a good football game yesterday. I'm going to give a game ball to the whole team. I think the whole team contributed to that win. Yes, there's no doubt that J.J. and JD (Jadeveon Clowney) and Mercilus and John being on the field at the same time. Vince (Wilfork) was in there doing some really good things. I think (Christian) Covington has been in there. It's a disruptive front. The key is we continue to grow and improve because there are a number of things we can improve upon. Those guys, like I said, those guys play very, very hard. That's one of the things that really stands out to me."

CB A.J. Bouye has carved out a very nice role for himself on the defense.
"Yeah, he has. He did a nice job yesterday. He has been good on special teams. He's been, yesterday, good on defense. He's really improved as a player here, he really has. You think about his story, being an undrafted guy out of Central Florida. We have a few guys like that – Max Bullough, Greg Mancz. I know it's early in the season, but that's a heck of an accomplishment to come into this league and be a productive player. A.J. has definitely done some really good things for us."

Did CB A.J. Bouye first stand out to you in training camp when he was going against WR DeAndre Hopkins?
"They compete hard against each other. I know they are really good friends. You wouldn't always know that in practice because they really go after it when they go against each other. I think that's made both guys better. It really has. With A.J.'s (Bouye) length and his physical nature of playing, I think he's helped Hop (DeAndre Hopkins) get better and certainly, obviously, Hop has helped him get better."

Does it change your approach any not knowing which quarterback is going to be out there with the injuries the New England Patriots have?
"To me, we have to get ready for Jimmy (Garoppolo), we have to get ready for Jacoby (Brissett) and we have to get ready for (Rob) Gronkowski. We just need to do a really good job of being really focused over the next three days here. There may not be a lot of physical work, but there will be a lot of mental work. We will get them out there and move around little bit over the next couple of days. The big thing is just really having great focus with the coaching staff and the players. It's a big, big challenge. It's a big challenge to travel there on a Thursday night after a real physical game. Our guys will show up. They will be excited to play. It will be a great environment up there, having been there, it will be a fun environment. We just really need to have great focus on the details this week."

For either quarterback, not much tape on either. How far back to you go to evaluate to prepare for either QB Jacoby Brissett or QB Jimmy Garoppolo?
"We'll look at a lot of different things. We studied both of those guys in the draft and spent some time with Jimmy. His two games against Arizona and Miami were very impressive. This guy is a really good quarterback, smart, quick release, accurate, can run, tough guy. Like I said, when Jacoby (Brissett) went in there, I thought he handled the game really well, good poise. We will continue to study. We will work hard just like they are working hard and try to do the best we can to put together a good game plan."

Will you go back and watch college tape on QB Jacoby Brissett?
"Yeah, we will watch. Whatever tape is out there, we will dig it out."

What was it like for you personally and professionally to make the decision to go to New England and be a part of a team that expects to win a Super Bowl every year?
"I thought at that point in my career, it was just a really good opportunity for my wife and I to go there. I think in this profession, when you have a chance to learn from the best, and I will say this, I believe Coach (Bill) Belichick will go down as the best of all time. His staff is an excellent staff. Dante Scarnecchia, Josh McDaniels, one of my close friends, Nick Caserio, who is their Player Personnel Director up there. Matt Patricia, really smart, bright guys. Good football guys. Learned a lot from all of those football guys. It was just an opportunity that at that stage of my career, you would not pass up."


What are your thoughts on what you've been able to do through two games?
"Just doing my job. Doing what the coaches ask of me."

You're the first receiver in the history of this franchise to open their career with back-to-back 100-yard games. What does that mean to you?
"It means a lot, actually. Just going to continue to work hard, continue to keep trying to get these 100-yard games and help my team win."

When you hear that you've done something that no one else in this franchise has ever done, how does that hit you?
"It hits me good. It means the coaches trust me, Brock (Osweiler) trusts me to keep throwing the ball my way. Like I said, just going to keep working hard."

What is it besides speed that allows you to get behind corners?
"Just working on my releases, being pressed. You can't just run fast with a cornerback in front of you."

What are the challenges of trying to get ready to play again in three days?
"Yeah, it's a quick turnaround so we have to – like Coach (Bill) O'Brien said – we have to turn the page fast. We're going to start getting prepared for them today. This quick turnaround, got to get my mind ready for the Patriots now."

Did you play any Thursday games in college?

How much do you know about Patriots CB Malcolm Butler and some of their other defensive backs?
"They play very, very hard. I know they press a lot. We're going to look into it more today but off the top of my head, that's what I know."

What do you think about a guy like Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick praising you the way he did earlier today on a conference call?
"I don't know. Just like I said, I'm having a little success right now so just continue to do my job and hopefully more success comes my way."

Have you surprised yourself in any way to this point?
"Not at all. Like I said before, I've been a ball player my whole life. I'm just going to continue to work hard."

Can you take us through the deep ball you juggled and then were able to bring in?
"Yeah, I don't know what happened. I looked it all the way in and then bobbled it a little bit. Just happy I focused and completed the catch."


What is the team doing this week to prepare for the Patriots?
"Just going out and practicing. Basically, improving on the things that we've done. We've got to try to get these guys down as best we can. We know that they're a great football team led by a great coach and organization. Just go out there and try to put our best foot forward."

How much does facing a rookie quarterback effect the game plan?
"He's on a good team. I can't really buy into that too much, him just being a rookie, because a rookie can also go out there and do some great things. As you can see, Dak (Prescott) is doing great things up in Dallas. It's one of those things that we're going to prepare for him just like he's a guy that could do a lot of bad things to us."

Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill gave the Texans some problems with his speed yesterday. How do you adjust to a guy with that kind of speed?
"He's probably the fastest dude in the league right now, not even (joking). That dude is fast. I sought him out after the game to tell him I had a lot of respect for him. It's tough man, but things like that, we just have to come together and continue to play together. There's great returners all across this league. Those other guys are going to look at film and try to see if they can exploit some more, so we just have to stay together and have a good week of practice and work on our keys."

Head Coach Bill O'Brien said he slept at the stadium last night. What do you think about that?
"I'm not surprised. That dude is a lunatic. That dude would do anything, I'm not surprised by that. He's a good coach. For him, he loves the game just like a lot of us do. I'm not surprised by that. I won't be surprised if he sleeps here again tonight."

What is the worst part of the short turnaround?
"Just not giving our body enough time to turn it around. Some guys feel like they had been in a car wreck yesterday by going through so much punishment and tackles and what not. It's kind of hard on our bodies, but it's our job and we have to do it."

Are there any positives to the short turnaround?
"As a competitor, once you get to the game, of course you love playing in a football game. For me, I know it brings a smile to my face."


What are the challenges of preparing for a team coached by Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick?
"Anytime you have a short week, things are kind of condensed. You have to do extra on your own, other than what the coaches require from you. Obviously the good part about it is we both had a short week."

What is about Gillette Stadium that makes it a tough place to play?
"I really don't know. I think in this league anytime you go on the road in a tough environment, it's always going to be hard on you a little bit. That's part of being in the National Football League. To be a good team, you have to go out on the road and play in those environments."

Does the Patriots uncertain quarterback situation change the Texans approach?
"Obviously, you can't prepare for both of them because you would overdue yourself on a short week. I think you just have to go out there, stick to your game plan, and execute what we do on defense for us. I really worry more about who is going to be back there then under center."

How do you keep the momentum of the first two weeks going?
"With it being a short week, I think that probably helps out a lot. Obviously taking some momentum from yesterday's game, putting it into this game. Going into a tough environment, we know it's going to be tough. We just have to have that eagle eye focus and know what the goal at task is."

What can you do to fluster a rookie quarterback?
"I think we just have to continue to do what we've been doing. If the d-line and the guy's up front rush and the guys in the backend cover well and stay tight in coverage, I think we'll be okay."

What makes WR Julian Edelman special?
"He's a complete receiver. He's tough. He's always had a good working relationship with the quarterbacks, they've both always been on the same page. He's one of those guys that can really hurt you with the run after the catch."

What do you think about the play of CB A.J. Bouye through two weeks?
"He's been working really hard. Had a great offseason and OTAs. He took that same mentality in training camp and it carried over into the regular season. We're excited for A.J. He is playing really well right now."


How do you approach the Patriots game with the injury questions they have?
"Still approach it the same way. It doesn't matter. The Patriots know how to get guys ready. Obviously they've shown that in (Jimmy) Garoppolo. Unfortunately, he went down. So, we'll see what happens this week."

It doesn't change your approach or preparation when you're not sure who the guy's going to be?
"No. The Patriots are a good team overall. With the coaches that they have, they know how to get guys, like I said, they know how to get guys ready to go out there and win a game, no matter who it is. We'll prepare all the same no matter what and we'll find out who exactly is going to be the key for them."

What do you think about this opportunity to play at their place on Thursday Night Football?
"It's huge. It's definitely big. It's going to be on national TV so we have to be on point, all cylinders. On Thursday night against another AFC team, we have to go out there and prove our worth."

What is it about Gillette Stadium that makes it a difficult place to play?
"The atmosphere. They have great fans down there who are loud. So, when our offense is out there it's going to definitely get loud for them. They have to be able to be on point with their communication."

What do you want to make sure you accomplish these next two days?
"Getting this game plan down, really. We haven't got that yet as we're in the building right now. Once we get that down we have to be crisp, especially with the quick turnaround that we have for the next few days."

When there is a younger quarterback out there, are there some general things you can try to do?
"Yeah, try to get them rattled from the start, especially with young quarterbacks, guys who don't have a lot of experience. Try to get them guessing and all that and get them antsy in the pocket."


How much of a better quarterback are you now than you were when you had your second start against the Patriots this year?
"I feel like I'm a much better quarterback. I feel like, you know, going back to my second career start all the way to now, I feel like I've grown in leaps and bounds. Just understanding how to manage an NFL game, how to operate a game plan, how to prepare during the week, how to be a great teammate. I feel like I've grown a lot since that start."

Is it an advantage for you having played against the Patriots and is it an advantage for them having played against you?
"I'm sure, yeah, a little of both. Certainly Coach (Bill) Belichick, I'm sure is going to go back and look at that tape of our game last year. Obviously, he knows how I play. From my perspective, having a game played against the New England Patriots and obviously there's a few new pieces, but for the most part it's the same defense. I think it gives me a huge help moving into this week, especially with it being a short week. We don't have a ton of time to watch film, to game plan, to practice. So for me to have a little bit of experience playing against them I think will be a big help."

What do you remember about the game against the Patriots last season especially the amount of hits you took?
"I remember they didn't feel good on Monday and Tuesday. That's just part of the game. Standing in the pocket, keeping your eyes down the field and delivering the football to your receiver. That's part of the job title and hits go with that. The one thing I do remember is obviously New England has a little bit of a blitz package on third down and that's something that I'm going to go back and look at. My game from last year with Denver when we played them and really look at and say 'How could I be better in protection? Was there something that maybe I could have done to eliminate some of those hits?'"

A lot of people talk about the successful partnership between Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick and QB Tom Brady. Now that you're in a similar situation with Texans Head Coach Bill O'Brien, what do you think fosters that kind of relationship?
"I think time is certainly probably one of the biggest things that goes with a head coach and quarterback relationship. I don't think relationships are something that can be forced. They have to grow overtime organically. The one thing I can say is that I love coming to work every single day in this building and being coached by Coach O'Brien. He's very passionate. He loves the game. He studies the game. Very intelligent. Certainly just from my short time with Coach O'Brien, he's made me a much better football player."

Head Coach Bill O'Brien mentioned that when you first talked you spoke for about an hour. What stood out to you during that conversation?
"The first thing that jumps out is really what I just said. It's his passion for the game. He loves this game. He loves it so much. You can really see it because every single day he approaches it that he wants to coach everybody. He wants to get everybody in this building better. I think that's a great attribute to have when you're a head coach."

Can you talk about the challenges of playing against a team coached by Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick on the road during a short week?
"It's a huge challenge and like you said on a short week. Anytime you play the New England Patriots, you know it's going to be a challenge. Then when you add in the factor that it's on the road and it's on a short week, it's an extra big challenge. We know what we're facing. We're facing an extremely talented football team that has won a ton of football games in the recent past. The one thing I can tell you is I know our football team is very excited to go up there and face that challenge and get this game started."

How helpful is it for you to have a head coach that is a former quarterback's coach?
"I think it's a big help. Anytime you have a coach who has either played the position or has coached the position for a number of years, I think they're able to relate to you a little bit better than maybe somebody who has never played the position or never coached the position. Maybe they're a first year quarterback coach. Between Coach (Bill) O'Brien and Coach (George) Godsey, I really feel like they've been in my shoes before, so we're really able to relate and have really good football conversations."

Does Texans Head Coach Bill O'Brien ever mention to you what he picked up from working so closely with Patriots QB Tom Brady?
"Every once in a while, we have those conversations. I was extremely fortunate to spend four seasons with Peyton Manning and watch one of the greatest ever to play this game. How he approached the game on a daily basis and I was able to pull so much from that. I know Coach O'Brien spent a lot of time with Tom Brady. Once again, one of the greatest ever to play that position, so I want to know everything he knows from Brady. So we have those conversations it seems like every couple days or so. Either I'm asking a question or he's telling me something that he pulled from him."

Do you sympathize with Patriots QB Jimmy Garoppolo's situation?
"Certainly injuries are a part of the game. It's a very tough sport. It's a very physical sport, but you never want to see anybody get hurt. Whether that be on your team or the opposing team. You want everybody to be able to play hard, play at their highest level and stay healthy. You never wish anyone to have an injury."

Looking back at the film from yesterday's game, what do you think the team can be better at in the red zone?
"I think it starts with me. I think it starts with decision making. A lot of times Coach (George) Godsey is giving me run-pass options. It starts with me, first of all, getting the team into the correct play. Then say it's a pass, for example, it's me making the correct decision and throwing the football where it needs to go. You're exactly right. When you play a great team like the New England Patriots, you can only kick so many field goals and stay in the game. We know we need to score touchdowns this week and I really think it starts with me just playing better in the red zone."

When you step on the field do you get excited to see what WR Will Fuller V is going to do?
"Absolutely. Every single time we play, I'm excited to see what this entire football team is going to do. We have a boatload of talent on the offensive side of the football, very exciting skill guys that really make the game fun to watch and for me to play. I'm throwing and handing the ball off to a lot of talented football players. Then, obviously what our defense is doing right now and our special teams – like I said, I'm excited to watch the entire football team play every single week."

Is a short week much more mental than a regular week?
"Absolutely. Any time you have this Thursday night game, No. 1, it's about getting your body to recover, so you're doing a lot of body work trying to get ready for that short turnaround. Then, you're exactly right, it's a huge mental challenge. You're not really going to have any physical reps during the week, you're really not going to practice, you're just going to have a bunch of walkthroughs. You really need to focus in the meeting room, when you go home at night your studies need to be sharp, and you really just try to maximize your mental preparation time on the short week."

What needs to happen to get your running some bigger runs?
"That's a tough question. I think it really boils down to just keep handing the ball off. I'm a firm believer that the run game, it takes time to get going. You're not going to just hand the ball off in the first quarter and have a ton of explosive gains. The one thing I do know is we have a great offensive line, we have talented running backs. I think we just need to keep giving those guys the ball and eventually some of those are going to pop."


Q: Can you talk about what Jimmy Garoppolo has meant to your team and how you feel Jacoby Brissette performed yesterday?
BB: Both guys have done a good job for us. Both are young players, have come in and learned our system, worked really hard, and both are making a lot of progress. I think they get better every day.

Q: How ready do you think Jacoby was to perform yesterday, and how did he do in his performance?
BB: I think he did a lot of good things; not perfect. There are some things we need to work on. That's probably true for everybody that played though. But I thought he handled himself pretty well. It wasn't an easy situation but he did a good job with it.

Q: What did you think of Brock Osweiler when you played against him last year and what do you think of him now?
BB: [I'm] really impressed with his poise and his toughness. He has been hit a few times but he really hangs in there, keeps his eyes down field, sees the coverage well. He's big, a big strong guy that can hang in there and he has hung in there and made some tough throws. He does a good job of getting the ball to all of his receivers. He uses the tight ends, the backs, and obviously the wide outs. He gets the ball down the field and has a nice touch on the short-to-intermediate balls, so a good player. He has been impressive.

Q: What stood out to you about Jacoby Brissette in the pre-draft process?
BB: We thought he'd just be a good fit for our team and our system based on all of the things that we did to evaluate him.

Q: What kind of adjustments does a team have to be able to make when they are constantly changing quarterbacks, as the Texans have had to do?
BB: Well, each week it seems like there is always some position that you have to take into consideration what your depth is there. Whether a player is out or limited in some way or you just don't have the kind of depth at any spot, whether it's offensively or defensively that you would normally have or maybe that you would like to have. So, you take those things into consideration. Obviously, you take into consideration your opponent and how you want to try and play the game, what you want to try and do against them, and put it all together and do the best you can. It's something we deal with every week at one position or another.

Q: What have you seen from Houston's rookie wide receiver Will Fuller and did you evaluate him in the pre-draft process?
BB: Well, I felt like he was impressive; a really impressive player coming out. Based on where we were selecting in the draft we didn't think there was really any shot that he would get anywhere close to us and he didn't. We didn't spend an inordinate amount of time on him, but you know, we knew enough to know that he was a good player and he wasn't going to last long on the board. [He's a] very good vertical threat, can get behind the defense, can run after the catch. It looks like he and [Lamar] Miller both, as young players, adapted well into a system that we all know has some moving parts to it. So, they must be smart, hardworking players that have earned the confidence and the trust of the coaching staff and the quarterback based on the way that they're used and the things that they've done with them. It's an impressive receiving group. They have two rookies there in the starting lineup. With the amount of play time and the opportunities that they've gotten, I think that speaks a lot to what those guys have been able to come in and do in that system that you know we're pretty familiar with.

Q: What sort of challenge does the Texans' defense pose to young quarterbacks?
BB: Yeah, they've got a lot of good players. They are well-coached. They give you some scheme problems and they're a very athletic, fast group. Especially when they get their nickel and dime guys out there. But they're also a very strong, physical group, too. I think [Benardrick] McKinney's been really impressive with his size and ability to play with power inside, rush the passer, and he has great speed and range to get to the sideline. But obviously they have good edge rushers, they have good inside rushers, they have a lot of team speed. They play a lot of defensive backs. From [A.J.] Bouye to [Kevin] Johnson, plus of course the starters, [Jonathan] Joseph and [Kareem] Jackson – they have a lot of DB's [defensive backs] in there. They're a very talented defense. They're well-coached. Romeo [Crennel] does a great job; Mike Vrabel, all of those guys. They've played very good fundamental football. They definitely can create problems schematically for the offense depending on what the offense is trying to do. They have enough versatility to put pressure on those areas. Good players and well-coached.

Q: Does it give you pride to coach against two guys who have played for you in Mike Vrabel and Larry Izzo?
BB: Yeah, I mean you know I have a lot of respect for Romeo and Mike and Larry. But, you know, this week is really just about the Patriots competing against the Texans. We're going to do our best to be ready to go and compete as hard as we can Thursday night. I'm sure they're going to do the same and right now that's really what it's all about.

Q: How does it make you feel when you hear Coach O'Brien give so much credit to you for his success?
BB: I mean, again, I think the world of Bill. He did a tremendous job for me here. I can't say enough about really everything with Bill; his personal qualities, how committed he is to his family, how committed he was to the football team, how hard he worked. He had a lot of passion and energy and that was very well-received and he does an excellent job of coaching. Having that coaching style of tough, aggressive, hard-nosed, but at the same time an excellent communicator, somebody that really understands and can talk to the players and can really push them, and then still be able to put his arm around them and kind of console them or give them that advice in a little bit of a different atmosphere. He's excellent on game day, a very good decision maker and play caller, an excellent teacher and strategist, motivator. I mean he's a really good football coach. I learned an awful lot having him here, so I appreciate whatever comments or compliments he might've given me but at the same time I learned a lot from having him on our staff and learning from his coaching style and the abilities that he has as a football coach.

Q: Is there an advantage for both you and Brock Osweiler from both having familiarity playing against each other last year?
BB: I don't know. There are so many parts that go into the game. I don't know. Each player has got his own perspective on the game. Each coach has his own perspective on the game. There's all different variables with it, so I don't know.

Q: Is there any kind of comparison between Lawrence Taylor and J.J. Watt and how hard they play?
BB: They both play pretty hard, yeah. I think J.J. is a relentless, a relentless player. Very instinctive and I'd say a lot like Taylor, when at the most critical times in the most important plays, that's where those guys showed the most and that's what great players do.

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