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Texans Quotes: September 24


Head Coach Bill O'Brien**
(on Doug Marrone joking that he didn't think Bill's wife Colleen would ever like him and that Bill is a liar) "You want me to respond to that? Now you know why he doesn't have many friends. You're starting to figure that out. Those of us that are his friends try to stick by him through thick and thin. He's known my wife longer than me. When he coached at Northeastern, my wife worked at the athletic department at that time for Northeastern for the sports information director. She actually introduced him to his wife and she was afraid that she wouldn't like him, but she went ahead and did it anyway. Touché mon frère."

(on Doug Marrone joking that he is friends with Bill's wife and not him) "Exactly true. I would say the same thing. His wife is a lot cooler than him."

(on Doug Marrone joking Bill went to a prep school) "He's a Yankees fan and I'm a Red Sox fan. I'll put it to you that way. Although I do like the Astros. I don't want to get it trouble."

(on who is more sarcastic between him and Doug Marrone) "He is. Yeah, he's a funny guy. I think it was 1995 or 1994 when I met Doug and he was at Georgia Tech. From the day you met him, he's a very blunt, very honest guy. That's why, in all seriousness, that's why he's a good friend. He is a good friend, but you have to know him. You have to know him really well to be his friend because he's very direct and he tells you the truth. I think that's why the both of us are friends."

(on Doug Marrone saying the two of them relied on each other at Georgia Tech) "We worked for a really; we had a great staff there when we were there together. We had George O'Leary, he was the head coach, Ralph Friedgen was the offensive coordinator. Two fantastic football coaches, old school guys. Hours were not, you didn't even question the hours. You were in at five in the morning and stayed there until the work got done. Doug was the line coach and I was the running backs coach, so we did a lot of work together. Yeah, he's right about that. That taught us a lot about coaching. He's a little bit older than me. I will say that. He probably didn't mention that. I think he's about five years older than me. We came up in the profession together that's for sure at that point in time. No doubt about it."

(on signing NT Ryan Pickett) "Everything we do what we're trying to do what's best for the football team. Like what is going to help this football team? We felt like Ryan was a guy that Bill Kollar had experience with I believe in St. Louis, and we felt like he was a guy that we felt could come in and help us in our base defense. A big guy, a good guy, so hopefully that will be true."

(on NT Louis Nix III being put on IR) "Well, I would tell you that it did have a lot to do with health. I have to tell you, he's a guy that we have high hopes for in the future. No doubt about it. He's a guy that we think is a future 3-4 nose for us, but he had a knee issue over the summer. Then he started off on the PUP. Has another issue right now. None of them are like I say, life threatening. But they're definitely season ending injuries. We've decided medically to operate on them and hopefully he'll come back stronger and ready to go for the offseason program."

(on how NT Louis Nix III's medical history played into the pre-draft process) "I think you talk about all of those things and I think that's probably the case with every rookie that you bring in. It really is, because at the end of the day when they get here and they go through your training methods and they go through training camp or the offseason program and then the training camp, you never know what's really going to happen with young player. I think that's the case with every guy. When we drafted Louis, and we still feel the same way, we felt like this was a guy that had the body type and the ability to be a 3-4 nose for us and we still feel the same way."

(on getting RB Arian Foster back out on the field) "He did some things today and I really do mean it, I don't mean to be, I really believe it's day-to-day with him. And that's just the way it is. So we'll see how feels in the morning. We'll see what he does tomorrow, then Friday, then Saturday and then Sunday we'll probably work him out before the game again and see how it is. With him, that's basically the way it will be here for at least this week."

(on C Chris Myers starting his 100th consecutive game as a Texan) "I appreciate you asking that question. I don't think we talk enough about Chris Myers. He is a true professional. This guy from the day we arrived here has been fantastic for this organization and this coaching staff. He comes in early. He works extremely hard. He's a leader. He stays after practice. He's out there right now. I think he's still out there doing center-quarterback exchanges with Fitz (Ryan Fitzpatrick) and Ryan Mallett. This guy is a pro's pro. He's one of those guys, too, like I've coached a lot of these guys who they're not just football players. Like this guy when he's done playing football, which who knows when that will be, he'll have a very successful career in business or whatever he decides to do next. This guy is a top-notch person."

(on WR Andre Johnson needing seven catches to tie the record for the quickest to 950 catches and if that factors into him calling plays for guys) "It does. There's no doubt when you have a guy like that who's meant so much to this organization. Of course at the end of the day you're doing what you have to do to win the game. If he can get catches that help him set records, look we're not all about records, but I just feel strongly about this guy Andre Johnson and what he means to our organization and what he means to this football team this year. Number one is he's a big part of every game plan anyway in the passing game. So hopefully he's able to get that amount of catches to be able to get that record. If we're in the fourth quarter and he has six catches, we'd certainly like to get him a catch. That's for sure."

(on the difficulty of playing center and the increasing importance of the position) "There is no doubt about that. There are so many different looks that they have to see on a down-to-down basis. You go from even to odd to diamond, which is center covered and both guards covered, to overload pressure, to double edge pressure, to three up the middle pressure; there is so many things that the center has to control with his call based on what the protection call or the run call is. When you have a guy that's a really bright guy that really understands those things in conjunction with the quarterback, that's a good combination. Chris (Myers) is a guy that is a very bright guy and right from day one like I said, he picked up on our system, he worked hard on it and he's getting better and better with it every week."

(on an update to P Shane Lechler's injury status) "I would put that in the same category as Arian Foster. I would say that would definitely be something that is day-to-day and we would probably work him out the morning of the game."

(on adding K Chris Boswell to the practice squad) "We have a few options, but he's one of them."

(on how late can you add someone off of the practice squad to the active roster) "I don't really know the answer to that. I would probably say; I don't know the answer to that. I would say it's probably Friday after practice or Saturday morning."

(on if he would work RB Arian Foster out before the game) "Yes. Probably. Unless we see in practice that he's really being able to take more than a certain amount of reps on Thursday and Friday. We'd probably let him go out there on Sunday morning and do some things."

(on if RB Alfred Blue is closer to becoming a complete back) "That's an interesting question. I don't know the answer to that. I do know that he can be. I really believe in this kid. I think that he's big, he's smart, he's really from day one that really picked up on things. He hit a little wall in training camp like I said last week. He climbed over it. I thought he ran the ball hard against the Giants. Had a couple good runs. Had the one 44-yard run, which was most of his yards. A lot of his runs were tough to come by. But I think he's got a chance to be a really good back in this league."

(on if he has final say on calling offensive plays) "I have final say on every play call on all three phases. I would say that it's a collaborative effort that has been very efficient in getting the play in to either the middle linebacker or the quarterback or the special teams captain for each unit. As the head coach, I have the final say in all of that."

(on who his 'eye in the sky' is) "Charles London's up there and Timmy Kelly. So those guys are up there and they do a good job. They do. Then we have the tablets. I use the picture because I can write on them, but the other guys use the tablets. I just don't feel like carrying the tablet over my shoulder like a backpack. I don't know. It would be a hindrance to some of my body language during the game. The pictures help. And then defensively upstairs, basically what we have is Anthony Midget and Will Lawing, and they're watching the stuff for Romeo (Crennel) and myself. I'm able to click over. I have two channels on my headset, plus an ability to talk to the quarterback. I've got a lot of moving parts on my headset. And then Jimmy Bernhardt is up there too."

(on what George Godsey is doing with the play calling) "He usually relays the play to the quarterback. That's how it works on game day."

(on the strengths of the Bills offense) "They have a lot of strengths. Start with the quarterback (E.J. Manuel). He's playing better and better. He's an accurate passer. He's a good athlete back there. They have two really top notch running backs in (C.J.) Spiller and (Fred) Jackson. Different types of running backs. Spiller is a very, very fast guy. A very dangerous guy, had a 102-yard kickoff return against Miami for a touchdown. Jackson's been a back there for a long time. Those of us that were in New England are very familiar with Fred. He's a really good running back. They've got a good offensive line, they're athletic, they're tough, they're big. They've got a good tight end in Scott Chandler. Does a good job. And then they have obviously a strong receiving core with their number one pick (Sammy) Watkins. They're good. They are a good football team and it's a big challenge for us."

(on the Bills defensive front) "It does present challenges. It certainly does. You have two guys like you said that are usually aligned wide, and they're both good players. Mario Williams, who everybody here is very familiar with, and Jerry Hughes, who people here are familiar with because he played at TCU, but very athletic guys. Two different types of players. They're hard to handle and you've got to do a good job of knowing where they are on every play. They have an inside tackle, two of them, but Kyle Williams is probably one of the best inside 4-3 tackles in the league, number 95. He's a great player. That's a big challenge for us is our offensive line, our tight ends, our backs against their defensive front."

Quarterbacks Coach George Godsey
(on the Bills defensive line) "Each week in the NFL you're going to face a good front up there. I think these guys are very talented up front. They're experienced and they're productive. It obviously starts with the offensive line, but they're whole defense has been pretty effective this season, too."

(on if there is an increase in sense of urgency going against a talented Bills defense) "I just think there is always a sense of urgency when you're dropping back depending on the situation. Depending on if it's a passing situation, really everybody in the stadium knows there is a sense of urgency to get rid of the ball."

(on what he says to a veteran quarterback following a three-interception performance) "We as a unit we look at the film. When the success is there it's a collaborative deal between the whole unit. Obviously when there are some negative plays it kind of goes together with not only just the coaching of it but the execution from the front end on the offensive line to the routes by the receivers and then the decision by the quarterback. I think it's a group effort more than anything as far as correcting that."

(on if his focus during the game is relaying the signals) "Correct."

(on the decision making of QB Ryan Fitzpatrick) "There are certain situations there were uphill. Like we talk about, it starts with the coaching end of it first and then to the execution. We have to be aware of the situation. A couple of those, one of them was a deflection and a couple of others we could have just lived another down. I think that's kind of what the message was between us both. I always talk to you guys about it being a collaborative issue at the quarterback position. It's not Ryan out there and everybody just there doing their own thing. I think the units together and from a coaching stand point it's he and I trying to be on the same page too and making sure during those situations we clean those up."

(on QB Ryan Fitzpatrick's mentality following Sunday's loss) "He's an experienced professional quarterback. We only have 16 of these during the year, so it's move on to the next week and let's get focused on the next task, which is a formidable opponent again. Really just trying to put that behind us and learn from it and move on to the next team."

(on what C Chris Myers' responsibilities are pre-snap) "The center really declares the picture for the other four players up front and including the tight end and some instances the quarterback, too. It's very important that we communicate from the quarterback position to the center position so that he can relay it to his group of guys up front. A guy like that that's really seen a million fronts, a million snaps and executed at a high level, you take a guy like that any day that can help you out. He's good on the sideline; he's good with the communication from coach to player and vice versa the player to coach."

(on QB Ryan Fitzpatrick's escapability) "There's quite a few in the game where he was able to really negotiate the play a little bit longer. I think when we evaluate quarterbacks one of the things that we look at is how do we get out of a bad play and get into a good play. Sometimes some quarterbacks do it mentally at the line of scrimmage with checks and change the whole play get everybody on the same page. Other times you see quarterbacks throughout the league kind of enable the play a little bit longer with their feet. When he's able to do that, there is some plays down field, there are some receivers that spring open, and I think a few of those we're trying to make sure we keep our eyes down field to for some receivers trying to get open. Those things are; there are scramble drills that you practice and then there are live drills that depend on the route concept. It depends on where we're headed."

(on how good of a job QB Ryan Fitzpatrick does at keeping his eyes down field) "That's hard to coach. It's a trait that really you learn through your experience and he's been able kind of negotiate his way into the backfield and keep his eyes up and get rid of the ball. It's a tough task, like I said, on the practice field to get done, so really it is a credit to him and his experience."

(on how much does QB Ryan Fitzpatrick check or audible at the line of scrimmage) "I think when we go out there we're going out there to score and we're going out there to run an effective play. If it's Ryan at the line of scrimmage changing that to get us into an effective play, then we give him the green light on some plays and some looks. Defenses are nowadays so advanced that there are a lot of looks that you could sit up there and you could take all day at the line of scrimmage if you check everything. There are some plays that we do and some plays that we don't."

(on if he has any good stories from his days at Georgia Tech with Bill O'Brien and Doug Marrone) "I've got a lot them. Coach Marrone really when I was in high school was the first one to notice me as far as college recruiter. I kind of leave it at that. We have a lot of stories I'm sure we both could tell, but I'm thankful for that."

(on who is more sarcastic between Bill O'Brien and Doug Marrone) "Depends what time of the night you get us I guess. We all are. We're football coaches. I think that's part of our trade."

T Duane Brown
(on where he ranks the Bills defensive front) "They're pretty high. They have a lot of talent all across the board. Some very good pass rushers on the edge and in the middle as well. They also do a great job of holding up in the run game. It's a big challenge for us, but we're looking forward to it. We have a great game plan going into it. We've just got to go out there and get it done."

(on if he gets more excited going against a talented defense) "Absolutely. I think as competitors it's hardly work every day to be great at our craft. To be able to be tested by a group like this, it definitely helps you rise to the challenge. It's going to go one of two ways: you're going to rise up and compete well or their going to get the edge on you. We all recognize what we have in front of us on Sunday and we're looking forward to it."

(on going against DE Mario Williams) "He's doing great. He's doing great. He's always been a very talented guy to me. Just a freak athlete to me with his size and his combination of size and speed. He presents a lot of challenges and I think he's done a great job of developing some great instincts over the years of what to expect, and he uses a lot of things to his advantage and uses a lot of guys and momentum and things like that to his advantage. It's a big challenge for us. I'm sure he's always up for a game against the Texans. We're going to have to prepare accordingly."

(on if there is a different mindset coming out of a game where you turned the ball over a lot) "It's always something that we focus on; it's something that we put a lot of emphasis on, taking care of the ball. But I think everyone has a part in that. Us up front, I think myself and the rest of us up front have to do a great job of holding up in pass protection and giving him a lot of time back there to operate and get comfortable. I think that's where it starts. I think a lot of the problems that we had last Sunday came from a lot of pressure here and there. Everybody has a hand in it and it's something to focus on day in and day out."                                                                                                                              

QB Ryan Fitzpatrick
(on if it is extra special going against his former team) "Yeah. It definitely is. It was four years of my life being in Buffalo. I had a great time; Great people, great city. It's definitely extra special for me to go against some of my life-long friends, guys that I'll be friends with far after football. Really excited about it. Really excited about getting out there and playing them. Inside my household, my oldest son is such a big Bills fan, so we're trying to get him to switch to the Texans. My youngest daughter was born in Buffalo, so we're not sure where her loyalties lie, but we're working on it."

(on his fondest memories playing in Buffalo) "There is a lot of them. I think the start to the year that we had in 2011 with some comeback wins over Oakland and New England, and being able to do it at home that was a lot of fun. Just playing in front of that crowd, how much they love football, how much they love the Bills, the history there, it's a lot of fun to play in that stadium when you're a Bill. And that place is rocking. I have a lot of fond memories there. Great teammates, guys that are still there that are great men off the field. It was a very positive experience for me those four years."

(on getting WR DeAndre Hopkins more involved in the offense and if he sees him and Andre Johnson as a 1 and 1A) "You don't want to, you don't necessarily need to label guys as far as a one or two or whatever. We've got two guys in Andre and DeAndre, which I just found out his nickname is Nuk and I'm still not sure why, that are just great players. You'll just see it as the season progresses. Being a great player, a lot of times just involves going out there; not only having the ability and the talent, but the confidence to make plays. Those two guys certainly have that and you see it with their play. The catch that DeAndre made last week, unfortunately it didn't end up counting, but that was such an unbelievable play. The more balls that go in either of those guys direction, the more confidence they get. The more confidence I have in them. It's fun to play quarterback when you have two guys like that."

(on what he thought when he saw Buffalo was on the schedule) "I smiled about it for sure. Like I said, it is an extra special game for me just because of how much we enjoyed our time there as a family and with all my teammates."

(on if he's had any communication with his former teammates) "Yeah. I mean, there's been a lot of texts and chatter with those guys, but especially the last few days. Some behind the scenes back-and-forth jabs at each other. Like I said, guys like, and I don't want to sit here and name them all, Fed Jackson, Eric Wood and C.J. Spiller and Scott Chandler, Kyle Williams, some of those guys, we just played together for a lot of years. It'll be fun to be out there with them."

(on C Chris Myers starting his 100th game as a Texan) "Chris is an incredibly smart player, very durable as the streak shows. I think at any position that's impressive, but especially up front on the offensive line where he's in the trenches on every single play. He means so much to this team, not only because of his talent, but his leadership on and off the field. He's been a real pleasure to work with every day. That says a lot about his preparation and taking care of his body and also his toughness."

(on what he thinks about Buffalo's front-four) "Their front four, they've got one of if not the best in the game in terms of the way their able to not only stop the run, but get after the quarterback in the passing game. They reek a lot of havoc up there. Marcell (Dareus) and Kyle (Williams) and Mario (Williams), they were all there when I was there. I was able to see that first hand a lot of different occasions. Definitely pops out on film the way that those guys play and get after it every play."

(on Buffalo's wide-nine front as a base defense) "Jim Schwartz is kind of known for that in Detroit. That's kind of the scheme that they run and they're very effective in it."

(on the challenges or opportunities Buffalo's wide-nine front present) "We'll save that. We've got to show you that on Sunday. Every team has their nuances in terms of how they play and the different responsibilities that they assign guys. Every week's a different challenge and this one there front is a little bit different then what we've seen, so we'll have to make a few adjustments probably."

(on the trash talk between him and his former teammates in Buffalo) "There's been a lot of funny things, but no, it's all kind of behind the scene stuff. Maybe some unflattering photos going back-and-forth as well. Hopefully nobody hacks into the iCloud for those."

(on how he and C Chris Myers handle play calls at the line of scrimmage) "We both have a lot of responsibility just in terms of the communication. I really rely on Chris. He's my guy. I've kind of got to get everybody situated, so there's times where I really rely on him in terms of getting things set. We always have to be on the same page. If Chris and I are on the same page with what's going on, then usually that results in a successful play. There is a lot of communication especially throughout the week whether it's in practice or in between series or session or plays. Just kind of talking back-and-forth with him and making sure the communication is good."

(on potentially getting RB Arian Foster back for Sunday's game) "Arian, I'll just kind of reiterate what I said on Monday, which is he's obviously a special talent and you want all your guys to play every week. If he goes, great. If he doesn't, I thought (Alfred) Blue did a great job with some of the runs and we're real confident with the guys behind him."

(on the challenges of going against the Buffalo secondary) "I'm familiar with a lot of guys on the back end, so I think that helps a little bit. But it's a different defense. It's a whole different philosophy and all that from when I was there. I think familiarity with some of the guys on their team that may help me a little bit. On the flip side of that, they're very familiar with me and going against me in practice every day. That may be a wash there. But it's one of those things that I'm comfortable knowing some of their guys. Going against them for so long, they're probably comfortable going against me."

(on the talent of the Bills secondary) "When Steph (Stephon Gilmore) came in as a rookie, we were on the team together and you could tell right away, I mean he was a high draft pick, but you could tell not only did he have the talent, but he had the work ethic and the want to. He's a guy that just goes about his business and does it right. It's been neat to see his growth and he's turned into a really good player, real patient. We always had some battles with him in practice and him going against Stevie Johnson. Some of the patience and stuff he really learned from that. Leodis (McKelvin) is another guy. He's been there for a long time and been a really good player. Aaron Williams on the back end and (Da'Norris) Searcy, the spider, those are both good players, too, that I was able to go in practice against all the time."

(on what he learned last week from the turnovers) "Just got to avoid them. Got to play within myself, not try to make things happen when it's not there. It's lessons that I know and I've done in the past and tried to stay away from and need to just continue to play smarter. It's not necessarily something that's a new lesson, but it's a friendly reminder and a costly reminder that I need to be smart with what I'm doing."

WR DeAndre Hopkins
(on his relationship with Bills WR Sammy Watkins) "That's like my brother. We talk a lot, just about every other day. We've got a good relationship."

(on if he took WR Sammy Watkins 'under his wing' when they were teammates at Clemson) "It wasn't really too much to take him under. The guy came in ready. From the first day he came out there on the field, everybody knew he was going to be able to help us out. I was familiar with the area, so I showed around places, good places to eat and things like that."

(on he and WR Sammy Watkins helping each other's draft status because no defense could focus completely on either of them when they were teammates at Clemson) "You could say that. That's one way to put it. I think we definitely helped each other out. There's no double-teaming one. You couldn't double-team him or you couldn't double-team me and then you have guys like Martavis Bryant, that's at Pittsburgh (Steelers) in the slot. If you double-team one of us, then you leave him one-on-one."

(on if he ever thinks how incredible it was that he, Sammy Watkins and Martavis Bryant were on the same team at Clemson) "It was more than just us; Andre Ellington. Martavis (Bryant) really didn't play that much while me and Sammy (Watkins) were out there—Andre Ellington, Dwayne Allen, Tajh Boyd, Jaron Brown, who plays with the Cardinals as well. We had some talented guys out there, for sure."

(on if WR Sammy Watkins was part of the group that he worked out with at Clemson last offseason) "Yeah, we didn't work out with him a lot. He worked out a lot in Greenville (South Carolina). It was me, Jaron Brown, Tajh Boyd and Andre Ellington worked out a little bit together at Clemson."

(on if WR Sammy Watkins sought his advice when going through the draft process) "He did a little bit but he was prepared. There really wasn't too much I could tell him."

(on if there is any trash talk between he and WR Sammy Watkins this week) "No. We don't really talk too much trash to each other."

(on if there was any jealousy that WR Sammy Watkins was drafted fourth overall and he was drafted 27th overall) "I definitely think he was worth that pick, if not higher than fourth."

(on how special it is to play against his former college teammate) "It's great playing against all of my teammates that I saw at Clemson. I've got some guys here that I played against in college. But especially at Clemson, going against each other, it's kind of something we all dreamed about coming in as freshmen. We all knew we were going to go our separate ways one day."

(on how he and WR Sammy Watkins played off one another in their offensive scheme at Clemson) "We did a lot of things differently. He's more of a guy you can give sweeps to, a faster guy. That's his forte. We've got totally two different games. We played off of each other, different styles, but that offense is so fast-paced. He might play my position one play, I might play his. Just because you're on one side of the field, you have to get the play and go."

(on what the most impressive catch he's ever seen WR Sammy Watkins make) "I would probably say his best catch was Ohio State last year, the one in the end zone. But he's made a lot of impressive plays at practice at Clemson."

C Chris Myers
(on the Buffalo Bills defensive front) "Very, very talented front. All across the board. Specifically speaking, their front-four guys. I mean, even their backups, they're tremendously talented. You can't pick and choose which one you want to be able to kind of turn to or favor in a specific scheme of play. But that's just hats off to them. They work their butts off. Mario (Williams), Kyle (Williams) and (Marcell) Dareus, it's unbelievable what they have up front."

(on how the Bills defense has been successful) "They've tremendously been able to solidify, especially speaking defensively stopping the run and being able to make teams one dimensional. They're a physical group up front and we've got our work cut out for us for sure."

(on how the teams is bouncing back coming off a loss) "We just have to bounce back week after week. No matter if you win a game or you lose a game, you can't get too high, you can't get too low. You just kind of have keep an even keel and reset the batteries for each week."

(on if he is excited to get a big test) "You want to get back out there and prove that you can do what you do as an offensive line speaking. We didn't have our best week of pass blocking or run block per say, and the best fix for that is go out there and prove it the next week. That's what we're doing now."

(on this being his 100th straight game as a Texan) "Someone mentioned it the other day. I wasn't keeping track by any means. Someone mentioned it the other day. It's a pretty cool lite thing. Little side note."

DE J.J.  Watt
(on adding a guy like NT Ryan Pickett) "He's played I think it's 14 years in the league, so obviously to play that long, especially on the defensive line, is impressive, so you have a lot of respect for that right out of the gate. Excited to get out on the practice field and let's see what he's got."

(on what he sees when he looks at the Bills) "I see a good football team with a quarterback who's coming along. Obviously early in his career, but I think he's doing some good things. They have a good offensive line who leads a good running game. A couple of really good backs; C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson are both very talented running backs. Obviously they have the rookie receiver, Sammy Watkins, who's been doing well. Some other good receivers on their team. I think they're a good football team and it we'll be an exciting challenge for us on Sunday."

(on RB C.J. Spiller) "He's a fantastic player. I think he's a guy who has speed, he has quickness, he has some good vision. I think he's a very good running back in this league and obviously one of the big things you want to do is to make sure you contain him."

(on cleaning up against the run) "We want to stop it. We want to stop it. I think that's one of our biggest -point of emphasis -stopping the run. We want to go out there at practice this week, and obviously not pleased with the way we did it the last couple of weeks, so we want to make sure we go out there and practice extremely hard, watch a lot of film, make sure that we get that shored up."

(on what he sees from RBs C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson) "They're both very good. I talked a little bit before about C.J. Talked about his speed and quickness and his vision. Fred Jackson, obviously been doing it for a while, a great player. So both of those guys know what they're doing back there in the backfield and you have to account for both of them and make sure that you stopping them. And obviously their quarterback can a run a little bit, too. You need to make sure that you account for everybody."

(on how he has noticed teams game planning for him differently this year) "I think since I probably 2012 there has been many different ways people have tried and continue to try. It's always something, but I think that's part of the game and that's partly what you hope for. You want to play well enough to the point where people have to do that. I know every week that it's going to be a point of emphasis for them, and so I can only go out there and play as well as I can so that I can combat it. It just makes it that much more sweeter when you do make a play."

(on the difficulty of teams game planning against him specifically) "It's just a little bit harder, but it's no less satisfying and it's also no less exciting. I love the challenge. I love it. Like I said, when you get back there and you make a play, whether it be a sack, a tackle for loss, a  batted ball, something, it's just that much sweeter when you know the other team is throwing everything they have at you."

(on C Chris Myers starting his 100th straight game as a Texan) "It's phenomenal. Chris is a guy who is a true professional. He takes care of his business every single day. He takes care of his boy. Obviously you have to play on the line for that long, that consecutively. I think one of the; Chris the person is even better than Chris the player. He's a family man. He's a very charitable man and he's a guy that does the right thing all the time. He's a guy that I look up to, a guy that I respect very much. I just stopped by his house the other day and saw his little kids, and just to see the way he interacts with his kids and his wife and his family life. That's really special. Being a 25-year old single kid with no kids of my own, it's pretty cool to be able to stop by my teammates house's like that and see their families. I'm very fortunate that he allows me to come over sometimes and hang out. It's pretty cool."

(on C Chris Myers being a guy who does the NFL right) "Chris, yeah, he definitely gets it. He's a pro's pro. He's a man's man. He's a heck of a husband and a heck of a father. Really can't say enough nice things about the guy. He's a heck of the guy."

(on what he thought of WR DeAndre Hopkin's catch) "I thought it was a heck of a grab. Not too many times on the sideline and you're sitting there and you say, 'Wow.' Wish we got the yards on the play, but that's the type of stuff that he can do for you. You want somebody to go out there and make a play, and he did it. Now we just need to make sure that we lineup properly."

(on if he worked with WR DeAndre Hopkins on their catching abilities) "I didn't work with him on growing his hand size. He did that all on his own."

(on what he saw on film from the run defense and if he saw things the they can correct) "Absolutely. There is definitely things that we can correct, and that's one of our biggest focuses right now. It's gap accountability, tackling, first and foremost, but then everybody performing our role, doing our job and making sure we are where we need to be at every level of the defense to make sure that we can stop that run. And then obviously after we accomplish that, get after the passer."

(on if there is any part of the defense still adapting to the new defensive scheme) "No, I definitely don't. I definitely wouldn't give any; I think we need just need to start player better, I think we need to play some better run game defense, and obviously that always starts up front. We're going to work as hard as we can to get that corrected. But we're doing it as a team, you know, coaches, players, everybody together. We're all taking our accountability and we're going to go out there and make sure we get it right."

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