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Texans' rescue plan: Phase three complete

After the crushing loss to the Colts, you knew the Texans wouldn't begin to feel good unless they won out on the home stand. Mission accomplished.

Now at 3-4 and back in the mix for a second-half playoff run they must keep it going. In other words: Congrats on winning - now, go out and win some more.

This team is starting to look downright nasty on offense and the defense is starting to show the improvement they've been looking for.

The 35-6 win over Cincinnati represented the most lopsided victory in Texans' history, the most points scored on the season and the least allowed.

This is a team that in the last five games has not put up fewer than 27 points. Andre Johnson is putting up MVP numbers. Matt Schaub is playing like a Pro Bowler and Steve Slaton is making a lot of general managers look bad that they didn't take him higher.

The longest winning streak in Texans' history feels good, but I always envisioned three-in-row being part of a winning record. The stunning 0-4 start left such a crater that it's hard to believe Houston is "back in it."

But here we are, a game out of playoff contention and one of the hottest teams in the league.

Now, back to the road, to a place where the Texans have never been. Minnesota was responsible for the only loss in a five game stretch in 2004 that put the Texans at 4-3. That was a memorable run, but it was followed by 3-6 finish.

Somehow the Texans have to keep this going as they venture into a part of the schedule that shows three of the next four games on the road.

Gary Kubiak has done a tremendous job navigating through stormy waters. Now, the ship sails from Reliant Stadium with nine games left, five on the road and some tough destinations to deal with. But the Texans are back in the hunt and the best is yet to come.

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