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Texans to institute enhanced pat-down procedures


Team encourages all fans to arrive early, allow extra time to enter Reliant Stadium

HOUSTON – The Houston Texans will institute enhanced pat-down procedures at all home games, the team announced today. The enhanced pat-downs will begin on Sunday for the Texans' home game versus the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Texans are encouraging all fans attending the game to arrive early and allow themselves additional time to enter Reliant Stadium prior to kickoff. To assist with getting fans into the stadium in a timely fashion, the Texans will provide additional day-of-game staff to assist with this process.

"The enhanced security procedures at the stadium gates are being implemented league-wide as part of the NFL's 'best practices' that have been used to ensure the safety of all fans at our games since the 2005 season," said Texans president Jamey Rootes. "This will require some additional time for inspections at the gates. We hope fans will come early, enjoy the league's best tailgating tradition and then head to the stadium gates just a little earlier than they have in the past so that everyone can get to their seats for kick-off."

The enhanced pat-down procedures were recommended to all 32 NFL teams by the League's security office prior to the Week 2 games. The procedures are part of ongoing measures to further improve the safety of fans attending NFL games.

The Houston Texans have operated in keeping with NFL best practices since the franchise began play in 2002. The Texans and Reliant Stadium have consistently been among the League's highest-rated teams and stadiums based on independent reviews. 

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