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Houston Texans

Texans Top 100: The first TD in franchise history

When laying out the top 100 Texans moments, we knew that there would be some entire games that would be described as a 'moment.' We also knew there would be some moments within those games that would get their own distinction.

Billy Miller's touchdown is one of them.

Miller was the team's leading receiver in the inaugural season. And five weeks prior to opening day he caught the first-ever TD of any kind for the Texans, in the Hall of Fame game.

You know the Dallas game is coming up on this list. But I'm here to tell you that the first TD stands alone in need of recognition. The excitement of the buildup to the opener was almost excruciating. You couldn't wait for it to get here. And when it did, it couldn't possibly match the hype and pay off the relentless anticipation, could it?

Yes, it could.

With NRG Stadium still smoky from indoor fireworks, the Texans had the ball first. A play-action pass drew a pass interference call deep in Dallas territory. A couple of plays later, David Carr dropped back, threw and hit Billy Miller. The tight end dove sideways and extended his arm and the ball into the end zone.

The crowd exploded. It was a huge release of emotion after five falls without the NFL in Houston. And there was no better start than scoring against Dallas on the first drive in team history.