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Houston Texans

Texans Transcripts: December 13


How has C/G Zach Fulton performed in practice this week? Do you expect him to play Saturday?

"Good. I would say the decision would still be made closer to game time, but I think he's trending in the right direction."

What would it mean to get the 10th win of the season?

"I think it's really about the next game. It's more about the Jets than it is about win number 10, but I think 10 wins is important. I think the main thing is let's just stay focused on the New York Jets. Let's not worry about anything else other than the New York Jets. That's the big thing."

Will you eventually look back at the 10-win milestone?

"I'm not into milestones. I'm into let's see if we can just do as good of a job as we can to try to beat the New York Jets."

What have you seen from Jets QB Sam Darnold on tape? Do you think Darnold and QB Deshaun Watson are similar?

"I really try to stay away from comparisons. Everybody, every individual player is so much different. It's really interesting when you look at all the quarterbacks in the league right now. There's a lot of differences. Sam – I thought – in the last game against Buffalo, did an excellent job late in the game of keeping plays alive, extending plays, but also being able to stand in the pocket and deliver a go ball to (Robby) Anderson that got them down there inside the red area. He's got a lot of confidence. He's very well-coached, and so, he's a very, very good young player. It's going to be a big challenge for us."

Do you look at the running scheme as a whole rather than game planning to stop one specific running back for the Jets?

"You have to kind of study what they're doing schematically, how you think they might attack us. They do a good job. They're a game-plan offense, so when you look at how they attacked Buffalo and their front, it may be different as to how they attack us. We've worked very hard to try to look at everything we can in a short week and try to be as prepared as we can be."


What do you see when you look at the Jets defense?

"They take the ball away. They do a good job at that. They got some monsters in that secondary, (Jamal) Adams, (Morris) Claiborne. They have some guys over there that can make plays."

What stands out about Jets S Jamal Adams?

"He never gives up on a play. He has a motor like you've never seen before. The dude's a monster."

Do guys like Jets S Jamal Adams set a tone for the defense?

"Of course. He's the leader of that defense. You can tell by his play.""

What do you think about QB Joe Webb III's receiving abilities?

"Joe's been putting in the work since the offseason. It didn't surprise me that he was ready to come in and step up when we needed him."

What do you think about a guy like QB Joe Webb III who's willing to play any position to help out the team?

"That speaks a lot about Joe, who he is. He doesn't care what position he's at, he just wants to help the team win."

What do you like about the nature of the locker room and the ability it has to bounce back?

"Same mindset we've had this whole season, it's keep fighting. Simple as that. We've been down before, we've been up, so just keep fighting."

Has the locker room been the same throughout the season?

"It definitely has, and that's a testament to the leaders in this locker room on not letting guys get up or down, but staying the same."

Do you feel like you have more leaders in this locker room than other teams do?

"I'm not sure what goes on in other teams' locker rooms, or how many leaders or captains they have, but everybody in this locker room feels like a leader, so there's no followers. It's good."

What are some things that jump out at you about Jets S Jamal Adams?

"His motor. He never gives up on the play. He's always going. No matter where he's at he's trying to get to the football."

Do you get extra excited knowing you're going to face a quality player like Jets S Jamal Adams?

"I got the same mindset going into every game no matter who's over there on the other side of the ball, but you definitely have to bring it when you're playing against him."


How did practice go this week?

"Practice is going good. It feels good to be out of the training room for, I'd say, 12 weeks. It just felt good to be out there with the team."

Do you like the timing of your potential return?

"I'm just taking it one day at a time at this point and just moving forward each day."

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