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Texans Transcripts: October 12


How do you feel like QB Deshaun Watson did at practice this week?


Do you feel like QB Deshaun Watson has a chance to play on Sunday?


Do you think QB Deshaun Watson will play on Sunday?

"I'll let the injury report give you the most updated information, but he's been able to do some things at practice."

What have you thought about QB Deshaun Watson's mobility this week?


Do you think the public perception that Buffalo is in the midst of a rebuild is false given what you've seen on tape?

"I don't care what the perception is. I really don't. I think this is a really tough football team that plays hard. Let's just start on defense. Jerry Hughes is having a Pro Bowl year. Kyle Williams, we've been going against this guy since I was in New England. Thirteen years, one of best inside defensive tackles in the league. Tre'Davious White, one of the best young corners in the league. Micah Hyde, (Jordan) Poyer, (Tremaine) Edmunds the linebacker, (Matt) Milano the linebacker, Lorenzo Alexander, can't believe I left him out. Very, very talented bunch of guys. Let's flip over to offense. LeSean McCoy, they have a No. 1 draft pick, first-round draft pick at quarterback in Josh Allen. Tight ends, receivers, they have talent all across the board. Let's go to special teams and talk about some of the guys that they have on special teams. Without listing all of them, they have a very, very good corps of special teams players. All of this perception stuff, put the tape on and watch the tape. This is a very good football team."

How much of a compliment is it for Bills CB Tre'Davious White to be trusted with following the opposing team's No. 1 wide receiver and what have you seen from White?

"He's very good. He's very talented, very strong, can press, can play off, good ball skills. We studied him a lot coming out of college. He's a top-flight corner in this league. He's a big challenge to go against whether he's matching or not matching. Whoever's running routes against him has to do a great job because he's really good."

How nice is it to have a backup quarterback like QB Brandon Weeden as an insurance policy?

"He can spin the ball, he really knows our offense, good guy, good teammate, smart player, has played in the league, been with a couple different organizations, understands how to approach every day as a pro. Brandon's a good guy to have in the building. I would include Joe Webb III in that. Joe Webb, really good pro. Been great to have in the building, helps us on special teams, helps us at quarterback, takes reps at quarterback during the week. Really good quarterback room that we have here."

What are your thoughts on Bills QB Josh Allen?

"He's a big guy, strong arm, can really run, reads coverages well, can make all the throws, has touch on the ball to throw the underneath throws, but can also delivery the 20-yard in cut, which isn't easy to throw, the 20-yard comeback from one hash to the other side of the field, good feel for the pocket, knows when to escape. He's dangerous with his mobility. He's a really good young quarterback that has a real good future."

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