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Texans Transcripts: September 21


Do you think DE/OLB Jadeveon Clowney will be back this week?

"Yeah, looks like he should be able to go on Sunday."

How's CB Kevin Johnson doing?

"I just saw him in the training room and he's in good spirits, doing pretty well."

Have you determined whether CB Kevin Johnson will try to play again this year?

"No, no. We're going to let that play out a little bit more."

Does the feeling of needing a win ever seep into a locker room?

"Oh yea. These guys, there's definitely urgency out on the practice field, there's definitely a good attitude in the locker room. Guys really worked hard. We've had a good couple days of practice. We need to have a good day today to finish up the week. But, you can tell that guys really want to play well in front of their home crowd. First home game for us, start the season with two road games, so, get to come home, play in front of our home fans. I think guys are really excited about the game."

How much progress do you want to see out of the offensive line?

"I think every week's different. I think every team's different. I just want to see everybody on the team execute at a high level and play with great energy, great focus. As far as how each position group can improve and all that, I'll just leave that between me and those guys in the meeting rooms. But, I think I just want to see everybody go out there – it's a race in this league to see who can get better the fastest. Obviously, we're behind the eight ball and we need to get going."

What do you do to balance the frustration of being 0-2 so the team doesn't get too frustrated, but they use it to push them forward?

"That's a good question. The league is about winning, so we understand that. I think the way that these guys approach it is they come to work every day and really in practice. They've really done a good job this week of really focusing in practice. You can't be in pads every single day, but yesterday we were in full pads and we had a really good practice, a good, competitive practice. I think that's the way these guys have handled it. They've done a good job of coming in this week and really focusing on the Giants and what the game plan is and going out there on the practice field and really attacking it with energy, which is good. It's good to see."

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