Text Page - Bull Pen

The Houston Texans are excited about our avid fan section, the Bull Pen. The Bull Pen is located in the north end zone of Reliant Stadium where our most staunch supporters gather on game day to cheer on their favorite team – the Houston Texans!

The fans in the Bull Pen interact directly with the action on the field. Bull Pen members have helped create and implement fan traditions, songs, chants and other elements of the game day experience that will one day foster the best atmosphere and the most daunting homefield advantage in the National Football League.

Obnoxious behavior will not be tolerated anywhere in Reliant Stadium. However, fans within the Bull Pen are encouraged to stand throughout the game, sing, cheer and otherwise support the team in an enthusiastic manner, and therefore this section may not be a good fit for children or families.


The Bull Pen has started many traditions over the years and encourages all fans to participate in the following traditions:

  • Shouting Texans players' last names during team introductions
  • Cheering "Houston...Texans!" after player introductions 
  • Holding up giant Texans jerseys while the visiting team's players are announced
  • Turning their backs on the opposing team after they score
  • Gathering as a group for tailgating in the NW corner of the Platinum Lot at the "Blue Crew" tailgate and conducting the Bull Pen Toast every game approximately an hour and a half prior to kickoff
  • Walking in the HEB Holiday Parade on Thanksgiving Day
  • Visiting the Bull Pen Pub for TORO Wraps, cheerleader autographs and to listen and dance with the Bull Pen Pep Band

Bull Pen Committee

A small group of Bull Pen members meet with the Houston Texans staff on a regular basis to talk about how to maximize the overall game experience for everyone. Members brainstorm on how to start traditions and how to spread the word to all of Sections 116 and 117. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please click here.

If you are currently sitting in the Bull Pen and would like to receive specific Bull Pen correspondence, please click here to update your contact information.