That was a good talk...

Just wrapped up a podcast with Daniel Jeremiah that we'll feature early this week for Daniel runs the website, which is a great source for NFL analysis, and he used to scout for the Ravens and Browns.

Jeremiah is high on Brian Price of UCLA, and thinks the defensive lineman is a great fit for a 4-3 team. He also likes Texas safety Earl Thomas, who reminds him in some ways of Ed Reed. Before that pricks your ears too much, he didn't compare the two evenly, but said that some aspects of Thomas' game are reminiscent of Reed's.

Also said there's very little chance of C.J. Spiller or Florida's Joe Haden falling to the 20th spot in the Draft, which is where the Texans are picking.

We don't want to give away too much now, but make sure you listen to the podcast on Monday or Tuesday, and check out Daniel's site and twitter feeds.

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