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The Continuing Education of David Carr

There are enough varying opinions of David Carr's 4 1/2 year performance to fill a year of sports talk radio. There have been 66 starts to examine. That's a large body of work. But when you consider that many of the "weapons" and instructors that Carr has worked with are either unemployed or severely demoted, the grade still comes up as an Incomplete.

This is a big stretch of games for the number-one pick in franchise history. If he performs well, he will finish his career here. If he doesn't, it's anybody's guess.

Texans rookies are making a big splash. Mario Williams has more sacks than Michael Strahan. And DeMeco Ryans is now a legitimate defensive Rookie of the Year candidate. Plus, on the other side of the ball, Wali Lundy might start to rack up some eye-opening numbers after running for 209 yards in two games. Owen Daniels looks like a steal as a fourth round TE who is tied for the league lead at that position with 5 TDs.

Who is Dexter Wynn? You'll see him Sunday in the return game after he was picked up this week following a pink slip from Philadelphia. Reno Mahe is healthy, so Philly is all set. Wynn bumped fellow Colorado State alumnus David Anderson out of the punt return spot for now.

Gary Kubiak and Rick Smith know Colorado State's program well from their Denver days. Not only do the Texans employ Dexter Wynn and David Anderson, but the Broncos had Bradley Van Pelt and Cecil Sapp among other former Rams. Kubiak's son, Klint, is currently a safety with Colorado State.

So Lindsey the cheerleader admitted in her blog that she picked the Jags' defense against the Texans for her fantasy league. To that I say "to forgive is divine" but please pick the Giants' "D" this weekend. You may be onto something.



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