The final 53

The Vandermeer version of the Texans' 53-man roster comes down to this: Five players going for three spots. John David Booty, Chris Henry, Malcolm Sheppard, Dorin Dickerson and Jacques Reeves could be waiting on the Kubiak/Smith decision like contestants wait for Simon on American Idol.

Dickerson shows a lot of promise and is freshly drafted, meaning he doesn't cost a lot of money. With André Davis staring at the possibility of IR or worse, let's go ahead and put Dickerson on the squad. I have only five wide receivers, so we're good there.

Davis' fate could also keep Reeves around longer because with five at wideout, we now have room for six corners: Glover Quin, Kareem Jackson, Brice McCain, Sherrick McManis, Antwaun Molden and Reeves.

Sheppard and Frank Okam could be fighting for one spot, and Okam has probably done enough to make the team. Yes, he was inactive a ton last year, but he's shown something this preseason and Sheppard can still be on the practice squad.

I have five defensive ends, which could be too many, especially if they want to squeeze in an extra wide receiver for special teams or Henry for the same reason. The other spots where I have extra guys are at QB with Booty making the team and tight end, where there's no way the Texans can part with their top four. They keep those four and either place Anthony Hill, who hasn't been on the field, on PUP or IR.

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